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Name: Maximilian "Max" Weiss
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 166lbs
Nationality: British-American
Appearance: Tall and athletic, his good looks make him popular with both male and female.

Coming from a rich family you'd expect Max to be smug and flashy however he is far from it. Instead of wearing highly expensive clothes or dining in the most glamorous restaurants he chooses to dine where ever his friends want but will always insist on paying - as his money doesn't get used on anything really. Described as having a heart of gold Maximilian is always on call to offer advice and help those who may not grasped something as well as he has however as an opposite to this trait he offer says whats on his mind without really thinking through the consequences of saying exactly what he's thinking. As a Gunpla pilot Maximilian refuses to attack any enemy who is defenceless or less experienced than himself following a self-disciplined code. Whilst he prefers the excitement of ranged combat he is not above moving in close and getting to grips with the enemy.


The son of an American Doctor and a British Executive, Maximilian was born rich and has always had the lifestyle that many poorer kids wish they had. However Maximilian chosen to attend public school, instead of the many private institutes in mind for him, and always made 'false friends' (as he called them) because of his money and looks. As his father often went away to poorer nations to offer his medical expertise, Maximilian mostly stayed with his mother going to whatever country she would have her next business trip in until the age of 16, where he then was settled in the family home in the US. Once he was 18 and graduated Maximilian found himself a decent job working an IT consulting firm - which indirectly works with Namco-Bandai. However like most teenagers he often gets wrapped up in the world of Gunpla which stemmed from his love of the Gundam meta-series anime.

How this character got into Gunpla Modeling:

Whilst he had the money to get anything he wanted in the world, Maximilian was unable to buy the attention from his mother and father that poorer kids his age got. Eventually he became close to a Japanese nanny of his who was an avid fan of the popular meta-series, Gundam. His first Gundam show would be Gundam Wing followed shortly by Seed, Seed Destiny and Seed Stargazer and most recently Gundam 00. Becoming a fan himself Maximilian began to buy lots of Gunpla, finding himself especially liking special grunt MS such as the GAT-04 Windam or the OZ-06MS Leo, and eventually had a rather large collection which dominated one entire room of his family's US estate. Most recently he has begun dealing in HG 00 Gunpla due to his fondness for this latest Gundam masterpiece.

Model Kit: GNX-603T GN-X ("Jinx One") ESFF Colors
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PostSubject: Re: Maximilian Weiss   Maximilian Weiss EmptyThu Feb 10, 2011 8:53 am

Very nice! Welcome aboard to MSL! Approved!

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