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 Sky Odessa Weiss "The Red Mamba"

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PostSubject: Sky Odessa Weiss "The Red Mamba"   Mon Mar 21, 2016 2:30 pm

NAME: Sky Odessa Weiss
AGE: 18
GENDER:  Female
HEIGHT: 5'3"


Sky is a red haired 18 year old girl with extremely dazzling looks, a petite body, and a very tough attitude. She likes to wear casual dresses and tries to avoid manly clothing, like jeans and shorts. She possesses incredibly beautiful, rosy white, skin. Her hands are smooth and soft, like they've never been used for anything strenous.

Her most alluring feature are her eyes and face. Her eyes are tantallizingly seductive and her face is that of an innocent joyful angel, that you'll be drawn to touch and kiss.

Her characteristics are the complete opposite of her gentle appearance. She has a tomboyish and bashful attitude. She lacks what most people call "brakes" when it comes to talking about sensitive issues. She likes taunting her opponents to the point that she humiliates them both physically and emotionally. She is full of angst and over confident, she is very self centered and believes that the world revolves around her.

On the flip side. She is very honest and fearless. She's not one to back down from a quarrel nor Mobile Suit combat. Her skills in a Mobile Suit are the equivalent to that of a seasoned Ace, despite her young age and innocent looks.

THE RED MAMBA, Dragon Fang's most deadlistest fighter. Sky is the most feared Mobile Suit Pilot from Dragon Fang. She has a total 58 confirmed mobile suit kills and her non-MS kills are too numerous to count, which includes civilians and non-combatants. 

She kills without hesitation or remorse and her effectivity is deadly. She will stop at nothing to elliminate her target, even if it meant killing civilians, destroying public properties, and even killing off a friendly. In the past she's already killed off one of her teammates, she used her teammate's Mobile Suit as a Shield while exchanging fire with her enemy.

Sky was born in the cold mountains of Ireland. She was born into a family of rebel soldiers. Long story short, she grew up killing people and has only gotten better at it ever since. Everytime she fights with a stronger and more experienced opponent, be it on-foot or in a Mobile Suit, her abilities increase and eventually surpases that of her opponent's.

She likes to go overboard and perform overkills, she truly enjoys killing and she pretty damn good at it. She joined the Dragon Fang about 2 years ago because she found all the other factions too limiting. Being Part of Dragon Fang, offered her atype of freedom that was not applicable with other groups. Also, because she liked[url=#38571491] company[/url].
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PostSubject: Re: Sky Odessa Weiss "The Red Mamba"   Mon Mar 21, 2016 10:24 pm


Welcome to Dragon Fang 

_____I love Mobile Suit Legends_____

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Sky Odessa Weiss "The Red Mamba"
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