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Kain Arrows

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Kain Arrows

Post by Kain on Sat Aug 14, 2010 11:31 pm

Piss at the World

Codename: Kain Arrows

Real Name: Yngve Arabello? (disputed)

Sex: Male

Age: ???

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 161 lbs

Blood Type: ???

Affiliation: CHROME

Rank: Senior Mobile Suit Pilot / Major

Country / Nationality / Race: Polish-Russian

Physical features(optional): Kain is a very tall man, with cropped short hair that is prematurely silver. Since CHROME is more of a group made up of resistance fighters instead of formal officers, he found it easy to wear a mask and never reveal his identity.

Personality: Despite his allegiance with CHROME, Kain bears no loyalty to it, or anyone, for that matter. Kain's true aim is to put an end to humanity and what he sees as a 'world of meaningless desires'. He believes he can accomplish this through the mobile arsenal of the Azure Earth Organization and CHROME.

Background: Kain Arrows, one of the most distinguished soldiers of CHROME, was once an innocent young man, fighting as early as the middle of the Comet Wars era. This more or less, gives a hint of his true age, but even in N.E. 0311, the current year, Kain does not look like a day above 25.

He is often suspected of being Yngve Arabello, a mobile suit pilot who was cryogenically frozen during the Comet Wars. Despite this, there were many differences regarding their appearance, with Yngve having long black hair that covered his eyes, while Kain is a large man with short silver hair. The only similarity is their DNA... which is virtually similar: 99.97%.

The truth is... he is indeed Yngve Arabello--only that NOBODY KNOWS.

In N.E. 0310, a scientist found out about this. Before he could leak it out, Kain set upon him a pack of wolves that consumed him in his laboratory. Kain then burned the whole place down, including his pet wolves--a true indication of his brutal and sadistic nature.

Yngve was born on a small farm in Ohio, under AEO territory. His father was a Chrome national in hiding, and took him to space when he was five. And then, during the outbreak of the Comet Wars, he lost his father, mother and sister, leaving only a kachina doll that served as a remembrance of their once happy family. He grew furious, grew up as an angry and sullen kid that fallows nothing but his heart.

He became a loyal soldier, a test pilot for the Shrimp mobile suits that were being used back in the day. Yngve's heart was filled with a strong sense of justice, yet at times he was prone to losing himself in fits of temper bursts. It was at that time that he met a young, female AEO pilot. He fell in love with her, but she betrayed him, and as a result his mobile suit was shot down way above in the atmosphere. As Yngve's suit started to burn up in the atmosphere, he had an epiphany: He wanted to see the world burning...

Hours later he was recovered in the mid-atlantic ocean. His body was placed in a cryogenic preservation unit, and was programmed to awaken on N.E. 0308...
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Re: Kain Arrows

Post by MSL on Sun Aug 15, 2010 1:08 am

Very mysterious yet very well laid out. I think you will be a great Char-clone Kain. Approved!

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