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  Grouping System/Combination attacks/Morale System

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PostSubject: Grouping System/Combination attacks/Morale System   Wed Jul 17, 2013 1:42 pm

Grouping System

NPCs can now be grouped into troops, so they act as one in a battle. For example 100 Mobile Suit NPCs can group together and become an even more deadlier force. However the NPCs cannot block or use skills or abilities and they can only use One (1) attack, a spam attack using their long range rifles or whatever it is that they are given.

Having no skills will prevent you from using NPC bombs with Self Destruct.

Taking damage can lead to the loss of units. For example a group of nimbus, comprised of 100 in total, with 8,840 HP are grouped together. Their total HP is 884,000. Every time they take damage that is equal to 8,840 then they lose a unit. Their ATTACK POWER also goes down by one unit.

The great thing about them is that if their attacks roll a hit, the damage is devastating especially if they are grouped in large numbers.

Combination Attacks

Players can also group together to make stronger, united, attacks. These attacks are called Combination Attacks. Works pretty much like in the SD G Gen games. If you get right beside another player and you both target the same enemy, you can initiate a Combination Attack. Only the initiator's turn will be used and only the initiator of the attack will take damage from the enemy's counter attack; In the turn of his ally should he/she chooses to use another combination attack in his turn, it is possible.

Blocking an attack for another player is also permitted once you are right beside the player you want to protect.

Morale System

A new system that will be implemented on MSL. Its main target are off screen kills. Let's say two sides are about to have a battle for territory. They each brought 100 units but only 10 units (leaders)  per side will represent the battle. So this 10 vs 10 will decide who wins the battle because for each unit that falls, 10 more die from their side. Each unit they kill inspires their companions to kill 10 more. 
---1:10 Ratio
But ultimately the ratio will be calculated by the number of total troops divided by the representative/leaders.

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Grouping System/Combination attacks/Morale System
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