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 MSL Battle System v2.0

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PostSubject: MSL Battle System v2.0   Tue Feb 28, 2012 9:49 pm

Setup Phase
All battle participants are to post a setup phase before the battle
begins. Your posts will consist of an RP, your mobile suit stats,
starting location. Add the links to your MS and it's stats.
Player Phase
This is the only phase where you can move and use your character for attacking.
Enemy Phase
This is when you await to be or not to be attacked by your opponent. You can choose from either performing a counter attack or defending with any possible defensive ability you may have.
Movement and Targeting
No more counting of squares. We'll make use of a diamond type movement grid. Its easy to use, all you have to do is take note of your movement range then using that number you count up, down, left and right. Then you connect all four points. That is your your movement range.

Some MS cannot move in certain terrains, like walls, cliffs, etc... you'll need to have flight ability or air move to place your units in these said locations.

The same diamond system is in effect when it comes to targeting.
Here is an example.

or click this link for a bigger sample:
You can attack only once every Player turn unless a skill or whatever gives you the ability to do otherwise. Most likely, your turn ends when you attack.

Choosing the appropriate attack is essential to your success.

  • First off you must choose an attack that can reach your opponent.

  • Check the attack's EN cost. Does your suit have enough EN to do the attack.

  • Hit %. Some attacks have a higher Hit% than others. Melee attacks for example have higher Hit% compared to ranged weapons.

  • Critical attacks will deal more damage. Formula: "Damage x 1.5"

  • USE THE APPROPRIATE DICE for every attack.

  • Don't forget to include in your post the attack used, include EN consumption, and your target.

Terrain Damage
Beam Weapons are 80% less effective underwater.
Formula: "Damage x 0.2"
Solid Weapons are 40% less effective underwater.
Formula: "Damage x 0.6"
Counter Attack/Defend
Only available during ENEMY REACTION PHASE. When you are attacked, you can choose to throw back an attack of your own. The counter attack happens right after you are attacked. You cannot move in the map while performing a counter attack. You also cannot use active defend abilities or counter a counter attack. So your attack of choice must have the range to reach your opponent otherwise you cannot counter attack. You also cannot counter if you do not have enough EN. If you get hit. Don't forget to update your stats first before counter attacking.


You can defend from an attack with your listed defensive ability. You cannot defend and counter attack at the same time unless your defensive skill is passive. Defending from a multi-roll attack only costs 1 Defend, Evade, etc...

*Take note* You can defend attacks from as many opponents, providing you have the resources to do so.
Attack & Mobile Suit Data
There are several types of attack that will determine its effectiveness and reliability. Also it decides what dice you'll use for each attack.

They are simply the names of each attack ^^. Take note that you cannot use a MAP attack after your unit has already moved.

Determines the distance of your attacks.

Can refer to Unit Energy or the Energy cost of each attack.


Number of units an attack can target.

Moral Points or MP
Enables to use of special pilot abilities.

Replenishing Unit HP, Ammo, Etc...

There are main two ways to replenish your Mobile Suit's stats. One is to enter a ship then you can leave the ship on your next turn with your repairs done. Second is to take items placed on the map that refill certain attributes of your MS.

Some things you need to know about refilling or replenishing. Each ship must buy a Re-Kit, what it does is it repairs and replenishes one Unit that is inside the ship. Re-Kits are of single use and are consumable.

On-Foot Battles

Each player will be given an On-foot stat: Life Points (LP)

--Life Points are all the same for all players. Each of you will have 10 Life Points. Each point is represented by a orange box
--Weapon stats will be given by the admin. They too are represented by orange boxes.
--Hit or miss will be determined by the dice. The weapons, including fists, will have types much like the MS attacks.
--CHARGE will regain 1LP to your character per turn but it also ends your turn.

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MSL Battle System v2.0
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