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Elliot Lucas Nash

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Elliot Lucas Nash

Post by AllKidsAllAsbestosAlltheT on Tue Jan 24, 2012 12:22 pm

Name: Elliot Lucas Nash

Age: 19
Birthday: May 19 UC. 0077
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6
Weight: 118 lb
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Nationality/Race: Spacenoid/Citizen of the Republic of Zeon
Allegiance: Zeon

Rank: Sergeant

Personality: A Zeon recruit who comes from a military family with a long tradition of service. She is a reserved, conservative and honorable young soldier who wants to bring honor to her nation and her family by protecting both. While inexperienced in the battlefield and in the arena of politics she has a steady head on her shoulders and is willing to follow orders even if she isn't able to understand the reasoning behind those orders. Her traditional mindest however, could become a major obstacle in her adapting to the realities of war.

Background: Born in the Lohengramm space colony of side 3. Her father, Ulrandi Del Nash, was an ardent supporter of Zeon Zum Deikun and enlisted in the newly formed Side 3 Militia with the hope that he would be fighting to defend his homeland's rights and his family as well., Two years later the young child's mother, Jessica Nash, also enlisted in the Principalty of Zeon forces to support her husband now that the one year war had broken out. During the battle of Solomon, Jessica was killed effectively orphaning the young infant as her father was in no shape to care for a child having to deal with both his responsibilities as a soldier and the grief of losing his beloved wife. Deciding that the front lines were no place for a child the soldier pulled a few strings and had his daughter shipped off to a military academy in Side 3. While Ulrandi managed to survive the One Year War the relationship between father and daughter remains strained to this day.

Early on in her upbringing Elliot transfered any lingering affection she had for her long absent parents towards the Republic of Zeon itself, afterall it was the staff of a Zeon war academy who raised her, not her biological parents. While she still respects and in a way feels pride in being her father's child this is only because the old man is a admired and accomplished veteran. While Elliot did prove eligible and even enrolled in the academy's officer trainng program she dropped out after three years at the school disgusted with the cronyism and the political viper's nest that apparently was all to common in the upper ranks of even the noble Zeon military. Determined to earn with her own skill and accomplishments, the respect and glory she yearned for from her country; the young former cadet enlisted in the Republic of Zeon's defence forces.

While technically at peace with the Earth Federation, when the Republic of Zeon heard rumors of a possible attack on the Federation by Zeon remenants they were quick to provide clandestine support to these rogue forces. Among the aid offered was man power, with Elliot being one of the pilots who volunteered to assist these "patriots".

(OOC: I know I got a completely different character in the training thread, but this is the PC I'll be hoping to use for the campaign.)

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Re: Elliot Lucas Nash

Post by BOSS CHIEF on Mon Jan 30, 2012 4:27 am

Approving. Rank: you're Sergeant

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