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 Lucas Hawthorne

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PostSubject: Lucas Hawthorne   Mon Jan 25, 2016 2:36 pm

NAME: Lucas Hawthorne
AGE: 17

HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 162 lbs.

FACTION: Azure Earth Organization
RANK: Ensign

APPEARANCE: Standing at just over 5'8" tall, he has slightly shaggy black hair and light blue eyes. He typically wears darker-colored clothes while not on duty, not out of some Gothic personality, but because he simply likes the colors. Lucas is lean, not overly muscled but not without some definition. While in uniform, while he doesn't actually change the design, he does wear a black trench coat over it, as after he learned more about the death of his parents, he doesn't like to expose himself unnecessarily due to them having too much exposure.

PERSONALITY / TRAITS:  Following his parents murder, Lucas decided that being overt was not going to do him any favors, so he started wearing a black trench coat to cover the vivid blue of his AEO uniform. Another byproduct of their passing, was that he became cynical, due to multiple changes in guardianship. He has no interest in romance. His skills as a mobile suit pilot are untested, as he hasn't set foot on the battlefield since his graduating from the training program.

Of course, for every negative there is a positive (sort of). While cynical, he has a very active imagination, writing short stories here and there as a pastime that have earned him the moniker of the "Warrior Poet". He honestly has no talent for poetry (in his humble opinion) so he has found this to be more for the amusement of others than something to be proud to be known as.


Not one with a pleasant background, for all that it started off well. Born in L.C. 199 in the capital of the Azure Earth Organization to Adriana and Marcus Hawthorne, Lucas was a beloved (albeit slightly spoiled) child. His parents were big supporters of Isshin Yaho, then Chairmen of the AEO. In fact, Lucas could even claim to have met the man, for all that he would never remember it beyond a picture taken by an excitable photographer hoping to make some Omz with a picture of the Chairmen shaking a child's hand. 

Sadly, his happy days came to an end abruptly with Chairmen Yaho's tragic death, which sparked a series of attacks by the Zeitgeist union on several AEO holdings, one of which being summer manor of the Hawthorne family. The manor was blown to pieces, Lucas' parents both killed in the initial blast, and Lucas only surviving due to a maid seeing the oncoming mobile suits while supervising him in the backyard and taking him to the shelter located beneath. 

Following the tragedy, Lucas was bounced from home to home, each wanting to lay claim to his inheritance. By the time he had reached 10 years of age, he had already gone through 5 different families. Tired of the crap his 'guardians' kept pulling, he decided it was time to leave. When he turned 13, he snuck away from his latest family and went to a recruiter for the military. While he was young, his last name still carried some influence and so he was admitted into the Mobile Suit training program.

Pouring himself into his studies and practicals, the young Hawthorne made sure to prove that despite his age he deserved to be there. Fixing to get revenge, although not quite sure how to go about achieving it, he resolved simply to hurt Zeitgeist as much as he could. In the end, he became an up and coming MS Pilot for the AEO, having completed the MS training program with high marks at the age of 16, just before his 17th birthday. And even though he had no battlefield experience, was awarded the rank of Ensign due to his high potential and stellar performance during training.

Following this, he was approached by a liaison of Chairman Muraki with an opportunity to become a test pilot for a new mobile suit called "Beat Gundam". Remembering hearing about a suit with a similar name years prior, he had asked if it was related to the Exceed Gundam of the famed Cinco Antioch, but was given no answer. Curiosity getting the better of him, he accepted.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucas Hawthorne   Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:53 am


Welcome to the Azure Earth Organization. 

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PostSubject: Re: Lucas Hawthorne   Mon Mar 28, 2016 4:30 pm



Had a heart attack while defecating in Chapter 5

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PostSubject: Re: Lucas Hawthorne   

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Lucas Hawthorne
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