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 Kazahara, Hayase

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PostSubject: Kazahara, Hayase   Kazahara, Hayase EmptyMon Jan 09, 2012 12:26 pm

Name: Kazahara, Hayase

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Nationality: Japanese

Height: 173 Cm

Weight: 85 Kg

Occupation: College Student, works part time in a electronics store
Physical Appearance: Kazahara, Hayase 29431-saotome_alto_79_large

Personality and Traits: Hayase very open, friendly and caring person by nature. He will make time to help others he considers to be friends with when they need him. The fact Hayase is very open about things has lead others to feel that he can be outspoken at times. Even at moments where it is not the best time he will state his opinion about a topic. Hayase is what some would consider blindly loyal to those he trusts. Hayase is quick to trust others, but to those that break his trust find that he will almost never forgive them for it. Hayase is also at time easily distracted by food.

How did this character get into Gunpla:
When Hayase was in middle school he was hospitalized for an extend period of time do to illness. it was during this time that his mother got him is first Gunpla the 1/144 Heavyarms. He was then hooked on building the small kits and over the period of time that he spent in the hopital his room slowly filled with the plastic kits. Even after returning home Hayase would find a way to get new kit whenever possible. It was through Hayase's love for building and painting the kit that lead him to select to major in art in college.

Gunpla Battle Record: 0-0

Starting Ability Card: Refuel (Recover 50% of total EN)
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Kazahara, Hayase
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