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Shogo Sakurai (NPC)

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Shogo Sakurai (NPC)

Post by Otsdarva on Mon Dec 12, 2011 5:03 pm

Name: Sakurai, Shogo

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Rank: Gundam Meister LV 2

Cards: (Mixed-type Cards)
----Pierce: If dice result is HIT or CRITICAL, the attack cannot be blocked by opponent.
----Iron Wall: Negate any enemy attack completely.
----Hot Blood: Triples attack power.

Personality: Shogo is a quiet but determined person. Patient and calm, he will analyze a situation before acting. He hides his feelings well behind an impassive facial expression. Despite his emotionlessness, Shogo has a developed a close friendship with his friends in the Harajuku region.

History: Although he is a cosplayer and an otaku in general, Shogo rarely mingles with his friends in the limelight. He is a big Gundam and Final Fantasy fan. During his early days as a Gunpla Builder, he used the Gundam Exia to climb up the ranks. After getting a Gunpla Meister license, he took the hobby even more seriously. Combining Final Fantasy and Gundam he was able to create his personal mobile suit, the Strife Gundam (not to be confused with Strike Gundam).

Name of Gunpla: RX-FF07 Strife Gundam

Description:The Strife Gundam was intentionally made to resemble its namesake from the Final Fantasy franchise, Cloud Strife. Multiple fins and antennaes adorn its head, reminiscent of Cloud's trademark spiky hair. On its shoulder it carries a single pauldron taken from a Zaku II, refitted and remodeled to closely match Cloud's. Like its namesake, it has glowing green eyes.

Of course, it also sported a large weapon called a Buster Sword. Basically a mobile suit version of the FF7 hero's weapon, it is absurdly sharp in real life. Shogo attached real box cutter blades to the actual model kit, making it dangerous to handle. Like most pro modelers, Shogo increased the mobility of the Strife Gundam dramatically by scratchbuilding custom joints with Kotobukiya and B-CLub parts.

With agility that rivals Exia, and power comparable to 00 Raiser, Shogo's Strife Gundam, as well as his elder brother's more powerful Sephiroth Gundam, became the co-champions in the recently concluded Harajuku Cup. Shogo recently moved to an apartment in Akihabara, looking for opponents just as strong as his brother's Gundam.
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