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Kazuki Amano (NPC)

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Kazuki Amano (NPC)

Post by Otsdarva on Sat Dec 03, 2011 8:08 am

Name: Amano, Kazuki

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Rank: Gunpla Meister LV 1

----Hot Blood:Triples the power of a single attack.
----Hot Blood:Triples the power of a single attack.

----Refuel:Recover 50% of total EN

Personality: Kazuki is loyal to his family, but he does not approve of his uncle's methods in Gunpla Battling. His uncle is Mr. Amano, the father of Chizuru. They were forbidden to make friends with other battlers, as they always played with Bandai officials behind their backs to make sure they don't. As a result, he doesn't have many friends. He secretly yearns to be free of his Mr. Amano's grasp, but since it was him who paid for Kazuki's education, he had no choice but to fulfill his obligation to his greedy uncle.

History: Born to the elite Amano family, a clan that has high ranks within Bandai, Kazuki always had to meet the high demands of his family name. His parents died in a fatal car crash when he was seven. He was adopted by Mr. Amano, and as a result he grew close to his cousin Chizuru, treating her like his own sister.

Name of Gunpla: MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type

Description:Despite being considered as a weak mobile suit, the Zaku Sniper was a foe to be feared in the hands of Kazuki. As a sniper, his shots are very accurate. With two Hot Blood Cards and a Refuel card, he delivers high-damage attacks while keeping his EN in a decent amount. Serving as the Shamblo's eye, Kazuki usually hits opponents with beams to weaken them, leaving Chizuru to finish them off.
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Re: Kazuki Amano (NPC)

Post by Lalionus on Sun Dec 04, 2011 3:50 am

Kazuki Amano (NPC)
by Otsdarva

MP: 100/100

Rank: Gundam Meister LV 1

----Hot Blood:Triples the power of a single attack.
----Hot Blood:Triples the power of a single attack.
----Refuel:Recover 50% of total EN

MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type

HP: 8400/8400
EN: 58/58


Space: Yes
Sky: No
Ground: Yes
Water: Yes


1. Heat Hawk
--Power: 3500
--EN: 8
--MP: 0
--Range: 1-1
--Type: Normal Melee

2. Vulcan
--Power: 1000
--EN: 6
--MP: 0
--Range: 1-2
--Type: Rapid Fire

2. Beam Sniper Rifle
--Power: 3000
--EN: 10
--MP: 0
--Range: 4 - Anywhere on Map
--Type: Beam Sniping



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