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Gunpla Meisters **

Post by Lalionus on Sun Nov 27, 2011 1:35 am

Upon reaching 50 kills, a Gunpla Builder automatically advances to GUNPLA MEISTER category. There are several perks to becoming a Gunpla Meister.

1. The ability and right to use Gunpla in ALL scales (1/144, 1/100, SD, 1/48) but in the virtual world, as with those using the 1/144 scale, all mobile suits will be at 1:1 scale.

2. Customization of parts. Requires picture. All customs have a fixed HP of 14000, and fixed EN of 140.

3. Access to Meister-level ability cards (which shall be revealed later on).

So far, only two people are in the Meister levels by default, as they are part of my site team and will be responsible for various RPG tasks such as screenshots, maps, and tasks of providing expendable NPCs for the other players to fight with. They however, are required to give away one card to a regular player who bests these Meisters in a fight. The card will be registered to the one who defeats one of these Meister.

"For example, if ZeroRequiem defeats the Meister Otsdarva, Otsdarva will be obliged to give Zero a card. Zero will then have an additional card in his arsenal and he can choose to wield it in his next fights."

This rule is applicable to everyone, so try to challenge the Meisters as often as you can. Should the Meister refuse to abide by the rule, he/she may be stripped of the Meister rank and be brought back to Builder LV.1.

For everyone's information.
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