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Teppei Hoshi

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Teppei Hoshi

Post by Otsdarva on Sat Nov 26, 2011 5:57 am

(Submitted as a GUNPLA MEISTER with Lalionus' approval)

Name: Teppei Hoshi

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Nationality: Japanese

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 150 lbs

Occupation: Cram school student, Gunpla modeler

Physical Appearance: Teppei is quite average-looking, and appears to be quite clumsy and awkward when talking with other people. Despite this unassuming apperance, he is actually a skilled Gunpla Meister. He wears a blue uniform reminiscent of OZ pilots whenever he goes for a Gunpla battle.

Personality and Traits: Teppei is often seen with a calm and content expression on his face, with his eyes seemingly closed from lightly smiling. However, when he is excited or provoked, or when playing seriously, Teppei's eyes grow sharp. No one truly knows his limit, even himself. Many believe that his limitless abilities can surpass each and every player in Gunpla Battling

Teppei generally seems very relaxed and in control, whilst his opponent is pushing himself to the limit, giving many the impression that Teppei is either a genius, who knows how to save his EN during battles, or that he does not really care about the match itself. There are a few people that can "wake" the true Meister power in Teppei and force him to play seriously, and these few are either nationally-ranked or extremely talented Gunpla battlers. He is also cheerful and easygoing, though sometimes called sadistic because of his tendency to playfully tease those around him.

How did this character got into Gunpla: Teppei Hoshi is a cram school student perparing for the Tokyo University exams. He is given the title "tensai", or genius, due to his tactical skill on the virtual world of Gunpla Battling. He is also noted for putting extreme detailing on his model kits. He uses Kotobukiya detail-up parts, and manipulators and joints to enhance the appearance of his Gunpla. For years, he had constantly placed in Hobby Japan's pages, showing off his incredible customs.

As a professional plamodeler, his various upgrades have earned him unparalleled mobility in Gunpla Battles, making him notoriously hard to hit. Over the months, he had acquired several cards from levelling up:

3.Iron Wall
6.Refuel (took another refuel card)

Gunpla Battle Record: 55-0

Starting Ability Card: Recover-restores 50% of total HP
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Re: Teppei Hoshi

Post by Lalionus on Tue Nov 29, 2011 5:35 am


Teppei Hoshi

Current Level: Gunpla Meister LV 1

MP: 100/100 (this is used to execute special attacks and funnels)

Starting Card: Recover

Other cards:

3.Iron Wall

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