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 Luciano Grayson

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PostSubject: Luciano Grayson   Luciano Grayson EmptySat Nov 26, 2011 4:58 am

Name: Luciano Grayson

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Nationality: British/American (60%/40%)

Height: 5'10

Weight: 157lbs

Occupation: Student, Company Heir

Physical Appearance:

Luciano Grayson Al-van_face

Luciano is usually seen in somewhat formal clothing more than casual. His usual attire consists of jumpers, shirts, trousers and shoes of varying styles all primarily either blacks and gray. His casual wear loses the jumpers, trousers and shoes for just shirts, jeans and converse trainers which are primarily black or blue in color. For Gunpla Battles he surprisingly - considering he uses an 'Innovator' MS - wears a replica of the Earth Sphere Federation Army uniform without the hat and without a pilot suit.

Personality and Traits:

A smart yet somewhat rash and reckless young man Luciano is still finding himself and his place in the world. Whilst he can appear to be overconfident in his abilities he suffers from very poor self-confidence the overconfidence being a defensive mechanism for himself. As a result he is offer very positive over completing the easiest things that are new to him though when struggling tends to get worked up very easily. He is very much a social person both online and off and likes to be included as part of a conversation and/or a group. However he can put people off due to his inability to not speak his mind, be the words positive or negative. All of this is somewhat knocked though due to his short fuse where after he remains unable to get worked up over whatever has considered him to be angry.

How did this character got into Gunpla:

Born into the prestigious and wealthy Grayson family Luciano was destined to have an easy life growing up. From a young age he was groomed to take over his family's job as Chief Executive Officer of the family-owned Grayson Conglomerate, a company that produces products from clothes to video games. However little Luciano wanted little more than to have a normal childhood with the freedom that came with such a time in a person's time. He was eventually enrolled in a private school where his grooming would continue to make him into the man that his parents, particularly his father wanted him to become. However he was robbed of an average childhood.

19 years later Luciano, or Luc as he was also known, was approaching the end of his first year of advanced education. By now he had discover the famous Japanese series known as 'Gundam' having started out with Wing followed by SEED and most recently Gundam 00. His original interest in the show branched out to importing Gundam video games and eventually collecting Gunpla, his first being a 1/144 Wing Gundam Zero Custom one of his favorite machines. He later came across the phenomenal known as Gunpla Battling and decided to enter the competition with his recently obtained 1/144 GNZ-003 Gadessa, another of his favorites that he became initially interested in Gundam 00 -Second Season- and later the video game SD Gundam G Generation World.

Gunpla Battle Record: 1-0

Starting Ability Card: Shield Up
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PostSubject: Re: Luciano Grayson   Luciano Grayson EmptySun Nov 27, 2011 4:19 am

Quote :
Luciano Grayson
by Albion

Current Level: Gunpla Builder LV 1

MP: 100/100 (this is used to execute special attacks and funnels)

Starting Card: Shield Up

Other cards: 0

_____I love Mobile Suit Legends_____
Luciano Grayson KshatryNastume

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Luciano Grayson
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