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GN-001REII Gundam Exia Repair II "Sakura"

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GN-001REII Gundam Exia Repair II "Sakura"

Post by Mnemosyne16 on Fri Nov 25, 2011 12:43 am

Model Kit: GN-001REII Gundam Exia Repair II

Scale: High Grade 1/144

Series: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 S2

Custom Colors: Yes, bright crimson replacing most of the blue parts. The GN Blade II was repainted with clear red.

Custom Parts: None

Gunpla History:
-After the school Gunpla club got Risa to join, they immediately thought of ways to get her to actually play Gunpla Battles. As their muse, Risa had to represent them publicly at every opportunity. The club officers considered several mobile suits for her, but found most too weak to supplement her lack of gaming experience. Risa noticed the Gundam Exia on the club room's poster, and suggested that kit for her personal use. The club members instantly purchased her a model kit, but a mistake occured; instead of getting the regular Exia, one of the club members inadvertently ordered the Exia Repair II.

To Risa, the small differences didn't matter. All she asked for was that the kit be given a feminine apperance, as the Exia looked too "macho" for her tastes. With the club officer's supervision, they allowed Risa to assemble the kit, teaching her to sand down the nubs, aligning the parts perfectly, and even taught her how to use an airbrush. After a couple of days, the Exia Repair II was finally finished.

Sporting a crimson color scheme, the newly christened "Exia Repair II Sakura" became the club's symbol. The club president agreed with Risa's color scheme, because he thought it would intimidate opponents, making them think that the Exia Repair II was in a permanent TRANS-AM state. The ever-gullible Risa, pleased with her pink robot toy, agreed to do Gunpla Battles for the sake of increasing the club's popularity within the local Gunpla scene.
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Re: GN-001REII Gundam Exia Repair II "Sakura"

Post by Lalionus on Fri Nov 25, 2011 1:16 am

GN-001REII Gundam Exia Repair II "Sakura"


HP: 14000/14000
EN: 150/150


-Space: Yes
-Air: Yes
-Ground: Yes
-Water: Yes


1. GN Sword Kai
--Power: 5000
--EN: 16
--MP: 0
--Range: 1-1
--Type: GN Sword

2. GN Vulcan
--Power: 1000
--EN: 6
--MP: 0
--Range: 1-2
--Type: Beam Rapid Fire

3. GN Beam Dagger
--Power: 3200 x 2 dice rolls
--EN: 18
--MP: 0
--Range: 2-3
--Type: Ranged Beam Melee

4. GN Sword Kai Rifle
--Power: 3500
--EN: 16
--MP: 0
--Range: 2-4
--Type: Beam 1


1. Shield Defense
--Reduce all damage by 50%
--Use: 3/3

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