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 msn-001a1 "Delta Plus"

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PostSubject: msn-001a1 "Delta Plus"    Wed Nov 23, 2011 8:43 pm

Model Kit: msn-001a1 "Delta Plus"

Scale: 1/144

Series: Gundam Unicorn OVA

Custom Colors: None

Custom Parts: None

Gunpla History: After watching the episode of Gundam Unicorn that first revealed the Delta Plus, he was excited that it was just like the Hayaku Shiki. The difference was its color schemes and that it was a transformable suit as well. He thought it looked great in the episode and quickly decided to buy and build it as his main suit for the Gunpla battles. Dave hopes that he can bring out the abilities of the Delta plus to its fullest and show that its a great Mobile suit during the Battles.
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PostSubject: Re: msn-001a1 "Delta Plus"    Fri Nov 25, 2011 2:38 am

Quote :
MSN-001A1 Delta Plus

Quote :

HP: 14280/14280
EN: 126/126
MOVE: 6(MS), 8(MA)

Quote :

-Space: Yes
-Air: Yes
-Ground: Yes
-Water: Yes

Quote :

1. Beam Saber (MS Only)
--Power: 3900
--EN: 14
--MP: 0
--Range: 1-1
--Type: Beam Melee

2. Vulcan Cannon (MS Only)
--Power: 1000
--EN: 6
--MP: 0
--Range: 1-2
--Type: Rapid Fire

3. Beam Rifle (MS and MA usable)
--Power: 2900
--EN: 14
--MP: 0
--Range: 2-4
--Type: Beam 1

4. Two-barrel Grenade Launcher
--Power: 1500 x 2 dice rolls
--EN: 18
--MP: 0
--Range: 2-4
--Type: Missile

5. Beam Cannon
--Power: 4500
--EN: 24
--MP: 0
--Range: 3-5
--Type: Beam 2

Quote :

1. Shield Defense
--Reduce enemy attack by 50%
--Use: 3/3

2. Transformable
--Can switch between MS and MA form at will during turn

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msn-001a1 "Delta Plus"
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