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 Nehemiah Esterland

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PostSubject: Nehemiah Esterland   Nehemiah Esterland EmptyTue Nov 22, 2011 7:11 am

Name: Nehemiah Esterland

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Nationality: European

Height: 5"9

Weight: 156 lbs

Occupation: Senior in high school

Physical Appearance: Nehemiah is just above the average height of boys his age. He has short, spiky blonde hair, and brown eyes. He has an average build, enough to have some muscle, but not be ripped. He usually wears a black jacket over a t-shirt. He also wears khakis and white tennis shoes.

Personality and Traits: Edgar is a quiet boy. He doesn't interact much with people, unless it is people he knows, or is atleast familiar with. However, despite being quiet, he is a very outgoing person, always trying his hardest no matter what. When he wins a match, he seems to become
a little more social, but doesn't turn into a jerk, or 'down' his opponent. When he loses a match, he will congratulate his oponent, but will also be quieter than usual.

How did this character got into Gunpla:Nehemiah was part of a foreign exchange program from Europe, and was sent to Japan for his senior year of high school. The first thing he got into their was Mobile Suit Gundam. Nehemiah started out watching Mobile Suit Gundam, then got into Gunpla when some of his friends showed them to him. Ever since then he has been a Gunpla fan, and even takes part in fights from time to time. Ever since his first time in the Red Comet Gunpla shop, he would always go back everyday to help Charlie with anything he might need. Soon enough he joined the shops Gunpla team, the Red Comet's Wolves.

Record: 1-0

Starting Ability Card: Refuel

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PostSubject: Re: Nehemiah Esterland   Nehemiah Esterland EmptyFri Nov 25, 2011 5:15 am

Quote :
Nehemiah Esterland

Current Level: Gunpla Builder LV 1

MP: 100/100 (this is used to execute special attacks and funnels)

Starting Card: Refuel (Recover 50% of total EN)

Other cards: 0

_____I love Mobile Suit Legends_____
Nehemiah Esterland KshatryNastume

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Nehemiah Esterland
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