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Post by Lalionus on Tue Nov 22, 2011 3:21 am

All new players start at Gunpla Builder level 1. Each time they progress through a level, they are entitled to receive a special powerup card for their Gunpla. Upon clearing a category, they will also receive a special card.

Gunpla Builder LV 1: 0-9 kills
Gunpla Builder LV 2: 10-19 kills
Gunpla Builder LV 3: 20-29 kills
Gunpla Builder LV 4: 30-39 kills
Gunpla Builder LV 5: 40-49 kills

Once a player has reached 50 kills he advances to the Gunpla Meister category.

Gunpla Meister LV 1: 50-59 kills
Gunpla Meister LV 2: 60-69 kills
Gunpla Meister LV 3: 70-79 kills
Gunpla Meister LV 4: 80-89 kills
Gunpla Meister LV 5: 90-99 kills

Once a player has reached 100 kills he advances to the Gunpla Meister EX category.

Gunpla Meister EX LV 1: 100-199 kills
Gunpla Meister EX LV 2: 200-299 kills
Gunpla Meister EX LV 3: 300-399 kills

A player who reaches 400 kills or more is considered an Undisputed Gunpla Meister. Currently, nobody has reached this distinction yet. The first person to reach this will be given a lifetime supply of Gunpla and tools by Bandai. His/her mobile suit will become absolutely invincible in any game, and to battle an Undisputed Gunpla Meister will be considered a great honor.

Eventually other people who reach this rank will have the ability to damage other Undisputed Meisters. Though their rewards are not great as the first Undisputed Meister, they too will receive special prizes from Bandai.

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