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Post by MSL on Sun Jul 24, 2011 12:24 am

To prevent players from RPing their way into IMBA proportions (like "Imma buy 10,000 Mobile Suits with my dad's money") we have implied in MSL Lunar Century the use of Ω Omz or MSL RPG money. The system revolves 'mostly' around weapons but there will be some exceptions.

It doesn't matter how rich your character is or some NPC you know is. The money you can use for battle purposes (not limited to battle stuff only) is what is stated in your Ω Omz. So stating you or your family ,friends have billions of Omz in isn't going to mean a thing when it comes to purchasing items, etc... and won't increase your character's Omz.

Omz are used to buy weapons, upgrades, etc. mostly anything concerning your mobile suit or anything that can be used in battle. In the FUSE repairs and ammunition are free, but all the spoils you collect from your missions must be surrendered to the FUSE for the benefit of all. Only non-faction players can keep their winning spoils and decide what to make of them. However, repair and ammunition refill will still cost them depending upon the rate charged by the admin on duty.

Repairs and re-ammunition can only be done by the faction leader for FUSE, and for the non-faction players it can be done by any other admin.

Gaining Ω Omz. There are several ways in which a player can gain Omz. One way is by posting in certain places in the forum (2~3 Ω per post).

Jobs. Is another way of earning Ω by means of salary; Your salary arrives every month in real life. For FUSE members the lowest is 1500Ω per month, the salary of faction members increase as their rank increases. For PMCs your salary will come from your leader out of his/her own omz. If your performance is poor and your aren't doing your job very well. You just might get deductions on your salary or worse you could get fired from your job (no exemptions).

Rewards. Yet another way to earn Omz in-game. You get rewarded for victorious missions.

Selling Not everything can be sold for a price. Only things that matter like your mobile suit, its weapons. All player-to-player transactions must be handled and approved by an admin. This is also another way to earn Omz.

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