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Battle System Tutorial:

This will explain the rules and mechanics of the MSL battle system. Itís a bit similar to the ones used in SRW or G Generation series, only much simpler. I hope that everyone will read and understand this, so we can all enjoy the RPG in a fair and reasonable manner.

--Each major battle in MSL: Soldier Down will feature a MAP wherein players can move according to the Move abilities of their mobile suits. MAPs are divided into squares, and they will have coordinates. Coordinates are marked according to the letter and number that correspond to them. In essence, this will be like a multiplication table.

Examples of Coordinates: A-1, A-3, C-5, H-8, and so on.

--On each MAP, there will be SPAWN points. You are free to choose one before the Phases begin. RED for Zeon, BLUE for EFSF. You canít pick another guyís Spawn point.

Phases and Turns
--Both Zeon and Earth Federation will take turns in attacking and moving. One Phase contains all the turns that will be done by the player. If itís the Zeon Phase, only the Zeon players can move and initiate attacks. Same goes for the EFSF side. A player can only move and attack ONCE per turn, after the enemy has responded to the attack by defending or counterattacking, the player ends his turn, allowing his teammates to move and attack on their own. Once all of a teamís players have ended their actions, the opposing teamís phase begins.

--This is where most players encounter problems. You really need to look at the MAP carefully, to see where you will go. You may move Horizontally, Vertically, Diagonally, as far as your MS will allow you to go. You may even move less than the maximum move ability of your suit, in case you are hesitant to engage your enemy.

--Attacks depend on your range and EN. Guns will have longer range than melee weapons, but they have a lower chance of hitting. Do NOT forget to subtract your EN depending on the attack you made. You will also roll a dice depending on the weapon you used, as some weapons have more accuracy than others.

Zaku Bazooka
---Power: 4000
---EN: 16
---Range: 5
---Type: Shooting

This means you have to roll the Shooting Dice. If an attack has a ďx 3Ē or ďx 2Ē, then you have to set the dice to roll 3 times.

An attack that did not follow the rules, or forgot to subtract EN or dice roll will be considered a ďMISSĒ even if you roll a ďHITĒ

Counterattack and Defend
--Some units have the option to use Shield Defense. If you do so, if the attack is a HIT, you only take 50% of its full damage potential. Note that if you use Shield, the option to Counterattack becomes invalid.

--If you decide to retaliate, you can shoot the attacker with a weapon of your own, but you canít move to do it. If heís out of range, itís better to just defend than try to do a counter.
--Should the Defender retaliate, the Attacker can try to block it, but he cannot perform another attack as he had already done so when he initiated combat.

--After the Defender performs an action, it is the end of the Attackerís turn. Itís time for the Attackerís comrades to move and attack on their own, or end the Phase if all Attacking team members have ended their actions.

--Defenders please do the math and subtract your HP when you are hit.

Your fates
--Ultimately itís up to you if your MS reaches 0 HP. You may escape with your character or choose to die along with your mobile suit.

--After a battle, a player can decide to pick one (1) enemy weapon from a mobile suit that he/she has killed. The admins will then allow you to customize your mobile suit.

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