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All you need to know about MSL Soldier Down

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All you need to know about MSL Soldier Down

Post by MSL on Wed Jun 01, 2011 5:48 pm

Link to the history of the One Year War:

The One Year War was the single largest and most devastating conflict of the Universal Century, in both the number of military casualties, civilian deaths, and devastation across the entire Earth Sphere. It began on January 3, UC 0079, when the Principality of Zeon launched surprise attacks against the Earth Federation controlled Sides. During the fierce fighting of the first month of the war, weapons of mass destruction were used indiscriminately, with Zeon forces deploying poison gas in inhabited colonies, attempting a colony drop against the EFF's headquarters at Jaburo during Operation British, and both sides using nuclear weapons during the Battle of Loum. During this period of fighting, each side lost nearly half of their respective populations. After this, both parties agreed to sign the Antarctic Treaty which, among other things, forbid the use of weapons of mass destruction.
With the Earth Federation Space Forces devastated, Zeon pressed its advantage by staging an invasion of Earth, dropping mobile suit forces onto the planet during several operations in March of UC 0079. This began a long stalemate period between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon, with the Earth Federation slowly giving ground until the Zeon had control over approximately two thirds of Earth's surface. In September, the Earth Federation's Operation V was scheduled to undergo secret testing in Side 7, but was discovered by Zeon forces under the command of Char Aznable. This marks the beginning of the events of Mobile Suit Gundam.

The turning point of the war was in early November, when the Earth Federation launched Operation Odessa, a counteroffensive against Zeon forces in eastern Europe. Using almost entirely conventional forces, the Earth Federation was victorious, successfully defeating the Zeon, forcing much of their force to retreat or surrender. Soon after, the Earth Federation launched its counteroffensive into space, attacking first the Zeon Space Attack Force headquarters at the Solomon asteroid base on Christmas Eve, December 24, and then defeating the Zeon forces gathered at A Baoa Qu on New Year's Eve, December 31. After Zeon's defeat at A Baoa Qu, Zeon officially surrendered, ending the war on January 1, UC 0080.

Why the Philippines?
The country of the Philippines has long been known as a strategic location in the Pacific. The Philippines is a very important and strategic gateway to Asia from the Pacific. If you look at the world map, there is basically nothing between the Philippines and the American continent (save Pearl Harbor) other than the vast ocean.

A forward base in the Philippines can easily refuel and resupply military ships, and its proximity to Asia means that either Earth Federation or Zeon can send in troops and reinforcements very quickly into the said continent.

Very little information exists about this regions' involvement in the one year war. However, based on what we know, it is a ZEON stronghold. Taken from Ultimate Mark's page,

U.C. 0079.03.18

The Principality's Earth Attack Force stages its third landing operation. The 4th Terrestrial Mobile Division is deployed to Oceania and Australasia.

Principality forces land near Bangkok in Thailand, on Mindanao island in the Philippines, and in the Gulf of Carpentaria in northern Australia.
* Source: Gundam Historica 03. See footnote 5: Earth Invasion.

The Principality's Philippine forces advance southwest across the Sulu Sea into Borneo.
* Source: Gundam Historica 03. See footnote 5: Earth Invasion.

The closest we can get to visuals is the scenario from 08th MS team, which would've likely happened in Vietnam and other parts of Asia. However, since no mention of the Philippines is made, we can take some liberties with the situation and create our own story here.

What's going to happen in the RP?
Well, we will start of with a Zeon-occupied nation. Due to cheap labor and abundance of natural resources, Zeon will be enjoying its grip on this small archipelago. Earth Federation forces will come from the sea. From there on, it will be up to the players to decide the fate of the Philippines. Will it be liberated by the Earth Federation, or will it remain under Zeon's power?

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