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PostSubject: Rules   Rules EmptyTue Mar 08, 2011 7:17 pm

Hello Guest,

Rule No. :
1 Respect and obey the decision of the Game Master and admins/moderators.

2. No God Moding
--Anything, and anyone can take damage. You decide the death of your own character, but please, not plot armor

3. No Meta-gaming
--Some players have violated this rule frequently. If some player posts something that he/she or their faction only knows, you cannot come up with something that says "I KNOW THAT TOO." That is plain silly. Popping up inside enemy bases, making their security forces stupid, or inept is meta gaming. You cannot control a personnel or mobile suit of the opposite faction of you are not given permission to do so.

4. Stay within the realms of reality
--Gundam is sci-fi I know, but you cannot magically jump into the cockpit of a mobile suit that is 60 feet high from the ground. Also, bullet-time (matrix style dodging) is not allowed. It cheapens the plot.

5. Courtesy, avoid Flaming! Be respectful out of character, show your seniors and admins some respect when you address them.
--There have been complaints that people are using foul language or flaming others off-character. For example. Telling someone to "shut the f--k" up is immature and will be frowned upon.

6. No multiple accounts

7. Write properly
--As much as possible avoid One (1) Line posts.

8. Follow the battle system
--Don't attempt to create or apply your own system or physics in the game's battle system.

9. If you're going to be away for a while notify us in the absences thread.

10. Rules imposed by the admin may change, but disobedience will merit you +1 warning
--- 3 Warnings = Suspension
---After suspension, 1 more violation = Ban

11. NO FORCE HITTING during RP...
-This means you cannot call hits on enemy personnel and mobile suits unless given permission by the receiver of the attack or move.

Wrong post: Chuva destroyed / killed his enemies with a blast of his mouth spray.

Correct post: Chuva fired his mouth spray at the direction of his enemies...

12. For each main character you create, you get 1 starting MS/Unit. You cannot trade or sell your 1st Mobile Suit or Ship or Unit. Also if your main character dies, your Units for that character cannot be transferred to your succeeding main characters.

13. You can only create 1 main character at a time and each sub-character that will be used in battle must have a Mobile Suit aside from your starting MS before he or she can be used in battle. Your first main character must be dead before you can make another character.

An often overlooked aspect of forum RPG playing is "making your opponent look good in a fight" You're not always winning, that would make you a fucking obnoxious jerk. Good day yo all.

14. Do not meddle with applications of other players unless your comment or input is asked.

15. Post and HIGHLIGHT in yellow the items you are taking with you during on-foot adventures. This is to avoid people from pulling RPGs out their asses and things alike. Everything, from the amount of Omz, toothpick, wallet, IDs, EVERYTHING!"

_____I love Mobile Suit Legends_____
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