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Shirogane Seishun Alfius

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Shirogane Seishun Alfius

Post by Seilif Alfius on Fri Feb 18, 2011 10:30 am

Name: Shirogane Seishun Alfius


Gender: Male

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 144

Nationality: Japanese - Filipino


Shirogane is a somewhat shy person. He doesn't really talk that much to anyone as he's a quiet person, but it's a whole new story if the topic is about Gundam, Gunpla and Gaming.


His father married his mother from the Philippines. Later on, The couple migrated to Japan where Shirogane was born. Currently, their home is at the Shinjuku City, Tokyo. They're living a normal life. Shirogane and His father works in a shipping company as programmers.

How this character got into Gunpla modeling:

When Shirogane was a kid, he's not interested in anything. He's studying fairly good but does not seem to have any interest in sports or any extracurricular at all. It all started when his father bought Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack DVD. He was so amazed with the robot that he could not take his eyes off it. As the kid grows year by year, he became interested in Gunpla and eventually studied hard so that he could demand Gunpla Kits/Gundam DVD Series/Gundam Novels and Side Stories from his father. Later on after he graduated college, he's still collecting Gunpla Kits and stuff.
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Re: Shirogane Seishun Alfius

Post by Lalionus on Fri Feb 18, 2011 4:46 pm

The Alfius family is growing LOL! Approved!

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