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 Adrian Shepard

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PostSubject: Adrian Shepard   Wed Feb 16, 2011 2:20 am

Name: Adrian Shepard

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 165 lbs

Nationality: American

Appearance: Thin for his height, Adrian has green eyes and dirty blond hair. In all, were it not for his glasses, he would look very much like Quattro Bajeena. Additionally, he has a penchant for wearing suits when he goes to play Gunpla Battle (usually because he just left his workplace). Otherwise, he tends to dress casually, with the only constant being a well worn leather jacket.

Personality: Adrian prides himself on his professionalism (although he can be rather hod-blooded if angered), and expects the same of the other players he cooperates with. He also tends to try and take charge if it seems that his team is not playing according to a plan. Being a self-made man, he tends to look down upon those with inherited wealth as being spoiled or incapable until they prove themselves otherwise. As an engineer, when building gunpla he places meticulous attention to detail on his kits, which sometimes leads to him loosing sight of how the overall kit looks (as he would say, performance over appearance). Moreover, due to his high personal standards, Adrian tends to blame himself for the defeats suffered by his team, regardless of the actual source of his loss.

Background: Adrian's early life was for the most part unremarkable, being born into a middle class family and experiencing an uneventful childhood. Adrian did however display two remarkable talents. The first was an excellent level of skill at mimickry. Although he did not pursue a career in acting, Adrian does use this talent at Gunpla fan events, where he occasionally plays a historical character in scenario battles. Additionally, Adrian turned out to be an excellent businessman, quickly graduating from college and becoming an executive at a major aerospace contractor. He came to Japan as part of a multi-year deal with the JASDF for additional upgrades to their fleet (namely the F-2A and ATD-X among others), and presently plays a major part of said company's activities in the region.

How this character got into Gunpla modeling: Lke many Americans, Adrian was first exposed to Gundam in 1996, when Gundam Wing primered on US television. Never one to half expose himself to anything, Adrian quickly got into Gunpla modeling and eventually gained a level of proficiency at both detailing and scratch building. He has a strong love of both the Universal Century designs, due to their vareity and clear lineage, and the Anno Domini period, due to both their sheer level of artistic differentiation and being home to one of his favorite characters (Graham Aker, in case no one figured it out). Moreover, he greatly appreciates grunt suits and uses them with just as much frequency as other MS. Adrian has established a large collection, lining his proverbial shelves with only two hobbies: his large Gunpla collection and his equally large collection of video games.

Model kits: MSN-100 Hyaku Shiki (Only gonna get to use the Quattro joke once. Besides, the Hyaku is a decent suit with the added benefit of ABC.)
(Also, sorry if I was supposed to post in a sign-up thread first, I didn't see one in the afformentioned category)

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PostSubject: Re: Adrian Shepard   Wed Feb 16, 2011 11:12 pm

Approved. Welcome to MSL forums. Please submit a mobile suit request following the template.

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Adrian Shepard
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