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GN-002 Dynames Gundam Full Armor

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GN-002 Dynames Gundam Full Armor

Post by Acruxis on Tue Jan 18, 2011 9:30 pm

Model Kit: Dynames Gundam Full Armor
Scale: 1/144 High Grade
Series: Gundam 00
Custom Colors: None
Background: After losing his very first Gunpla battle in Hana Ban Ban Cafe with his pride Unit Destiny. Lucis was in despair, and wanted to relieve himself from the Shame he had wrought upon his prided unit and the team that could've won, If it weren't for him and his lack of action. Lucis Custom built a Dynames Gundam Full Armor, it had no GN pistols so he had to take it from the 1/100 and install it to the 1/144 HG unit. He also topcoated it and had fixed some joint issues.

Now he plans to use this unit and seek approval of it from Shou if he does good. He plans to use it until he is strong enough to handle Destiny's Wide Variety.

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Re: GN-002 Dynames Gundam Full Armor

Post by Lalionus on Tue Jan 18, 2011 9:46 pm

Gunpla approved...

Gundam Dynames

HP: 12280/12280
EN: 300/300
Move: 8
Shield: 4/4

GN Beam Pistol
Type: Range
ATK: 1300 x 4 dice roll
RANGE: 2-4
USE: 6/6

GN Saber
Type: Melee
ATK: 3800
RANGE: 1-1

GN Missile
Type: Range
ATK: 800 x 8 dice rolls
RANGE: 3-5
USE: 2/2

GN Sniper Rifle
Type: Range
ATK: 3500
RANGE: 3-8
USE: 4/4

Special Ability: Snipe
Type: Range
ATK: 5000
RANGE: anywhere on map. anywhere!
USE: 1 ammo from GN Sniper. Requires an extra cost of 75 EN as well.
NOTE: No need to roll dice for this. This shot is an automatic HIT.

GN Field
Type: Defensive
Effect: Negates an enemy attack 4000 and below, however, above 4000, the attacks break through at full power.
Cost: 50 EN

-Movement + 1
-All damage + 1000
-Enemy's attacks that are HIT can become MISS
-Lasts for two player turns only. After 2 actions, trans-am expires.
Cost: 150 EN

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