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 Part 2: The Basics

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Part 2: The Basics Empty
PostSubject: Part 2: The Basics   Part 2: The Basics EmptyTue Jan 18, 2011 8:48 pm

One week has passed since Hana Ban Ban Cafe established its very own Gunpla Battle Team. John, Sam and Rap were the lucky ones to be chosen. Hyun Soo was ecstatic about it, but her dad Mr. Park wasn't so sure. He doubted whether these three were actually good enough to represent their shop. There were many more players, some even younger than them, that were just as good or even better in terms of performance.

How did Mr. Park know? Because every machine registers the player, his fighting style, decisions and reflexes. "Rap is good, but he is so aggressive that he forgets he has a shield. Sam moves so slow, despite being in a very agile mobile suit. And John, let's just say he doesn't know how to use ranged weapons properly. Shame because he is in one of the best ranged mobile suits ever made," Mr. Park commented. Hyun Soo could do nothing but nod her head affirmatively. Her dad is right. There were a lot of holes in the playing styles of these three boys. She fiddled her fingers anxiously as she waited for her father to finish his assessment.

"When they do arrive here later, tell them to sit in machines 1, 2 and 3. I reserved those machines for me, and I also reserved machine 4 for MYSELF..." Mr. Park said. Hyun Soo got worried. She was waiting for the three guys to arrive.

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Part 2: "The Basics"