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CMS-06CS "Prawn Centurion"

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CMS-06CS "Prawn Centurion"

Post by B.R.O. on Fri Aug 27, 2010 8:02 pm

Model number: CMS-06CS
Code name: Prawn Centurion
Unit type: Commander Type Mobile Suit
Manufacturer: Colonial Enterprise
Operator: CHROME
Accommodation: pilot only, in cockpit in torso
Monitor type: three-panel multi-monitor system
Head height 17.9 meters
Max weight: 75.2 metric tons
Armor materials: Enhanced Titanium Alloy
Pilot: Kain Arrows

Technical and Historical Notes:
- A handful of Prawns were modified for improved performance and assigned to squadron commanders and proven ace pilots. Known as the CMS-06CS "Prawn Centurion" it is visually identical to the standard type except for the minor addition of a pair of large propellant tanks on the back, making it a big step up for its pilots. Featuring a more powerful reactor and greater thrust and acceleration, the CS type was a potent weapon in the hands of an expert pilot. The speed of the Prawn Centurion is three times greater than the standard variant. Drawbacks include the pilot experiencing 13.5 Gs at maximum acceleration, even with G-Force dampeners active.

Instead of a large, clumsy heat hatchet, the Prawn Centurion is equipped with two small vibroblades. The blade vibrated at a very high frequency to increase its cutting ability. A high-velocity sniper rifle rounds out the Centurion's armament. An optional scope may be attached above the barrel. Sometimes it is also equipped with a rail rifle, like its more ordinary brethren.

Many aces and unit commanders are fond of giving their CS-type Prawns custom paint jobs, as it displayed their superiority above the other regular pilots. However, not all pilots were capable of handling the insane stress of this mobile suit's speed.


HP: 11400/11400
EN: 250/250
Movement: 12 spaces
Blocks: 3/3


- Melee Attack
Type: Solid
Damage: 1200
Range: 1~1
Cost: none

- Vibroblade
Type: Solid
Damage: 3700
Range: 1~1
Cost: 20 EN

- Double Vibroblade
Type: Solid
Damage: 3700 [x2 dice rolls]
Range: 1~1
Cost: 40 EN


- Rail Rifle
Type: Solid
Damage: 3100
Range: 2~4
Ammo: 4/4


- High-Velocity Sniper Rifle
Type: Solid
Damage: 5000
Range: 5~10
Ammo: 6/6
Dice: Please use SNIPING DICE for this weapon!


- Overboost
Type: Evasion
Action: Evades a "HIT" from enemy, except when the attack is with 100% Hit Skill.
Cost: 50 EN

Mechanical Designer: B.R.O.

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