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Jonny Desmond

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Jonny Desmond

Post by Meraxa on Sun Aug 15, 2010 5:46 am

Name: Jonny Desmond

Age: 18

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Weight: 129 lbs

Blood Type: AB

Affiliation: AEO

Rank: Mobile Suit Test Pilot/Warrant Officer

Country / Nationality / Race: British/Japanese

Physical features(optional): Being a member of the AEO military means Jonny has had to build up his body to a good standard. Slim but well toned, it is also surprisingly flexible, which serves as a versatile tool in Jonny's physical activities. His hair is an unnatural red most of the time, due to a particular brand of hair dye Jonny will gladly reccomend. In truth his short spiky mess atop his head is actually a light brown, though he finds it too boring and dislikes it. His piloting suit ironically enough is itself brown, and in fact his father's, though slightly modified to fit his size. His casual wear is slightly odd though, as whilst he has a fairly varied wardrobe, its largely the same style of jeans, grey t-shirt, black button shirt (though he wears it open), and gloves with a skull pattern on it. Most noticeably, is this black line that runs across his face, something he isn't quite sure about as to how it got on there.

Personality: Jonny is a rather odd case, but then you could say that about a lot of people. He thinks he's the hero of the story, capable of beating the 'bad guys' through merely guts and determination if he needs to. However he knows that rushing in recklessly is stupid, and tries to avoid it where possible. He sees himself as the friendly guy, and that part is very much true, so long as you're with the AEO that is. He has long found it difficult to see much of Chrome as even human, let alone talk to a member of its populace, considering what happened to his family. Bringing up the subject is painful, and something that brings him to tears just thinking about it. It makes it a lot easier at fighting them, as he simply does not hold back, though he won't go to the extent of disobeying orders... mostly.

Background: When the twenty three year long comet wars finally came to a close, there were quite a number of mobile suits in factories simply left lying around, as besides from those that ended up being part of the military forces post-war, there were simply too many for anyone to use. So it wasn't too long before the rich and wealthy turned collecting the weapons of mass destruction, into simply another fad. One of these people, was a British man named Harold Desmond. A longtime fan and supporter of military technology, he used his connections to obtain suit after suit, eventually constructing a museum around them, though surprisingly enough he made entrance absolutely free. It was because he happened to see the people coming to the museum as merely 'taking a look', and as such wasn't something he should really charge for.

That and his son wanted it that way so his friends could come over whenever they wanted. Harold was utterly devoted to pleasing his child, though thankfully the boy's mother - a Japanese woman by the name of Kimiko - was smart enough to try and bring in some humility as well. Though she didn't dissuade Harold from attempting to have Jonny learn to pilot mobile suits, but admittedly Harold had in turn agreed to let the boy study his mother's language. As a result, he was learning to speak japanese whilst piloting giant robots, often resulting him getting too obsessed with the relation between the two. Hey, the two have a deep history together.

However, all good things come to end, sometimes nice and quietly, others in a terribly brutal fashion. It was the latter that occured to Jonny, when the museum was tempoarily moved to a space colony whilst he was aged 17, as part of a tour to showcase the mobile suits held within. Some Chrome remnants had been in the area, and realising the opportunity, decided to seize the suits so as to add them to their forces. It was a quick and simple raid, with lots of gunfire meant to clear out any potential opposition. The shots killed Harold, Kimiko permanently crippled, forced to live out the rest of her life in a wheelchair, blind as could be.

Jonny had been lucky, as he'd been in a mobile suit at the time, showing off some of its capabilities to the crowd. He did not react kindly to the slaughter the Chrome remnants unleashed, even worse when the image of his parents' bodies showed up on his screen. In a surprising display of ferocity and skill, he too unleashed his own form of slaughter, except this time, unto the Chrome remnants themselves. The prized collection was reduced to but a single suit in moments, as Jonny's fury tore through even the thick armour of the enemy suits, and even though he was armed without even a single weapon (since the suit he was in was an early prototype test model) he still came out on top. The Chrome Remnants were dead by the end of it, and Jonny had attracted the attention of the AEO.

Specifically, they thought he had potential enough to be mobile suit pilot for them. Considering he now had to earn money in order to look after his now crippled mother, plus he seriously wanted to get back at Chrome for the death of his father, it didn't take long for Jonny to have an answer for them. Yes. With that decided, he was placed into a small mobile suit division, where he continued working on his skills. Eventually, he caught the attention of the top brass yet again, soon finding himself transferred to the Aesir wolves. With the transfer came a new crew, new allies, but also, something much more...


That's what they called it. Specifically, the 'ARX-101 Gundam Heimdall', in reference to the norse god. And just as Heimdall guarded the Bifrost Bridge, this new suit was to be the guard of the AEO from potential threats. Claiming the suit as his own, Jonny now waits eagerly for his first chance to pay back Chrome properly for what they did to his parents.
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Re: Jonny Desmond

Post by BOSS CHIEF on Sun Aug 15, 2010 5:51 am

Approved. Pilot the Heimdall now Johnny Desmond! Go Johnny Go!
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