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 ARX-104 "Gundam Soleil"

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ARX-104 "Gundam Soleil" Empty
PostSubject: ARX-104 "Gundam Soleil"   ARX-104 "Gundam Soleil" EmptySat Aug 14, 2010 8:31 pm

ARX-104 "Gundam Soleil" Gundam-Soleil-1

Model number: ARX-104
Code name: Gundam Soleil
Unit type: Prototype Anti-Beam Assault Mobile Suit
Manufacturer: Park Heavy Industries
Operator: AEO
Accommodation: pilot only, in cockpit in torso
Monitor type: panoramic multi-monitor system
Head height 17.5 meters (19.5 with horns)
Max weight: 38.5 metric tons
Armor materials: G-Mithril armor

Technical and Historical Notes:
-As part of the AEO's plan to hunt down CHROME Remnants throughout Earth and Space, the Aesir Wolves Division was born. The Aesir Wolves are highly-trained elite soldiers that stand out from regular mobile suit divisions. To suit their needs, they were given special mobile suits called Gundams.

The name Soleil, meaning "Sun", is from Frech origin. Human culture describes the sun as a celestial body that supports life on Earth. Gundam Soleil serves as a defensive and support type mobile suit equipped with light armor. Its primary tactic is to block enemy fire, protect allies and retaliate from a safe distance. The mobile suit is more vulnerable to physical attacks rather than beam weaponry based attacks because of its unique shield. The whole idea and concept is experimental, and if it proves to be successful in the battlefield then they plan on mass producing the Soleil Gundam.

Gundam Soleil is the fourth Gundam produced by the AEO armed with a two beam sabers,beam vulcans and an NX Gun-blade. Its defensive capabilities comes from its primary equipment a beam particle absorbing shield. The shield is made from an beam particle empathic mimicking compound called B-JA0 mixed with G-Mithril. The compound, when beam particles are introduced, mimics the beam's atomic structure and absorbs it. This causes the compound to illuminate very brightly, almost like the sun. The same engineering used to harness beam particle energy is in build within the shield to make use of the absorbed beam particle. The absorbed beam particles can refined and used to power up Gundam Soleil; or it can be fired out of the gundam's NX Gun-blade's mounted barrel.

Quote :

HP: 13200/13200
EN: 250/250
Movement: 6 spaces
4/4 (Physical Attacks)
∞ (Beam Attacks)
Armaments :


- Melee Attack
Type: Solid
Damage: 1000
Range: 1~1
Cost: none

- Beam Saber
Type: Beam
Damage: 4000
Range: 1~1
Cost: 30 EN

- NX Gun-blade (Melee)
Type: Solid
Damage: 4500
Range: 1~1
Cost: 25 EN
Special: If you roll a Critical the damage is doubled instead of the normal critical damage.


- Beam Vulcan
Type: Beam
Damage: 1200
Range: 1~2
Ammo: 5/5

- NX Gun-blade (Range)
Type: Beam
Damage: 4500
Range: 1~6
Cost: 30 EN


- Sol Invictus
Classification: Shield
Artillery Type: Beam
Effect: Absorbs all types of beam attacks below 17100 damage and adds half of the total damage to Gundam Soleil's NX Gun-blade (range).
Additional Energy Cost: None
Take note:
-The bonus damage gained cannot be stored and must be used immediately other wise it

-If you are shot multiple number of times in one turn and you managed to block them all, you must add up all the damage and release(return fire) only once ,not the same number of times you have been attacked that turn. Or you can refine the damage to power-up any beam weapon you have equipped except for Sol Invictus.

-Damage cap: Sol Invictus can only absorb up to 17100 damage per turn. Any more and the damage will trample through Soleil Gundam's Defense.

-Cannot be ignored by beam type weapons with ignore abilities.

-I might have missed a couple of things so if you have questions regarding the abilities of this shield please as me.

Mechanical Designer: Isshin Yaho.
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ARX-104 "Gundam Soleil"
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