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Erich "Tsubine" Zanifir von Zarkonheinz IV

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Erich "Tsubine" Zanifir von Zarkonheinz IV

Post by Tsubine on Sat Aug 14, 2010 6:28 am

Name: Erich "Tsubine" Zanifir von Zarkonheinz IV

Age: 49

Height: 6'0

Weight: 180 lbs

Blood Type: O

Affiliation: AEO

Rank: Captain of the Vis Dei

Country / Nationality / Race: German

Physical features(optional): Erich, being a Captain in the AEO, has a slender, yet musucular build. His hair is greying with some brown still in it, he also has a receding hairline. However, much like his covering his brown eye, he colors his hair to be a light brown. Erich normally wears a grey or black Armani tailored suit. When in cold weather, he wears an old Russian Navy coat, which is on surplus so it is not uncommon to see one.

Personality: Brash, bold, and suave. Three words that can mean either a crazy murderer like Hannibal Lector or a dedicated Captain like Erich von Zarkonheinz. He will follow orders, despite his personal agenda on the subject. He is known to use brute force for any means nessecarry, but will use his charisma skills to perseude even some high-ranking officers to his side of the argument. In battle, he sees the combat as a game of chess, and will "flip the board" to try and see what the enemy is planning. He is known for his broadsiding. When not on the bridge, look for him in his quarters, listening to music.

Background: Erich was born among a family of war veterans. His father and grandfather were both brigadier generals, and his great-grandfather was a Lieutenant Colonel. He was an only child and aspired to be like his father and grandfather before him. Erich would watch ships leave port and watch aircraft take off since he and his family lived on-base while Erich was a child. Erich's father, Hermän von Kreigler, was given a post to lead Marines in the AEO into battle aboard the newly-built cruiser Silvana. Hermän told his son to "grow up, join the military, and find his old man one day". Erich remembered those words even when he was 18. When he turned 18, Erich joined the AEO 42nd Naval Recon Squadron, Fatherland. He served as comms officer aboard the AEO Light Modified Freighter Over the Rainbow. The Over the Rainbow was modified to have advanced communication devices, ranging from long-range arrays to jammers. Erich served aboard there until he was 35. Then, he transferred to be Second-in-Command of the AEO Frigate Forward Unto Dawn and served there for a few more years until he transferred again to being the captain of the cruiser Vis Dei. With his father's words still fresh in his mind, Erich went out on a search-and-rescue mission for the Silvana. When he arrived at the last-known location of the Silvana, he found the ship being attacked by the Chrome battleship Requiem. The Silvana was no match for the Requiem. The radio was being jammed and the Silvana was taking heavy fire. After a few more attacks from the Requiem, the Silvana started to explode. Erich's father died in the attack and Erich has not let his namesake down ever since.

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Re: Erich "Tsubine" Zanifir von Zarkonheinz IV

Post by MSL on Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:28 pm

Very intensive... deep... easily the best profile I've come across so far. I love it. Approved! Now go wait for the AEO side to fill up.

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