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 ARX-103 "Gundam Balder"

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PostSubject: ARX-103 "Gundam Balder"   Fri Aug 13, 2010 7:54 am

Model number: ARX-103
Code name: Gundam Balder
Unit type: Heavy Artillery Attack Mobile Suit
Manufacturer: Park Heavy Industries
Operator: AEO
Accommodation: pilot only, in cockpit in torso
Monitor type: panoramic multi-monitor system
Head height 19.2 meters
Max weight: 87.3 metric tons
Armor materials: G-Mithril armor

Technical and Historical Notes:
-As part of the AEO's plan to hunt down CHROME Remnants throughout Earth and Space, the Aesir Wolves Division was born. The Aesir Wolves are highly-trained elite soldiers that stand out from regular mobile suit divisions. To suit their needs, they were given special mobile suits called Gundams.

Gundam Balder is the third Gundam unit to be produced by AEO. Named after the Norse god of light, Balder's firepower overwhelmed its opponents with ease when it was first launched in N.E. 0311.

With nearly double the armor volume of any other Gundam, Balder's firepower and defenses are unmatched among its contemporaries. Gundam Balder relies on its overwhelming offensive weapons to destroy its enemies from mid-to-long range, with only slight capabilities in melee combat. It's most powerful weapon, a giant beam bazooka called a Mega Particle Cannon, is powerful enough to destroy a large battleship when fully charged. However, because Balder's Mega Particle Cannon requires a reload time after each shot, it depends on its armor and allies for protection while recharging. Should opponents attack it while recharging, it can still attack using its other ranged cannons.

Quote :

HP: 14100/14100
EN: 600/600
Movement: 3 spaces
Blocks: 5/5


- Melee Attack
Type: Solid
Damage: 2000
Range: 1~1
Cost: none

- Beam Machete
Type: Beam
Damage: 3800
Range: 1~1
Cost: 30 EN


- Chest Vulcans
Type: Solid
Damage: 2300
Range: 1~3
Ammo: 5/5

- Linear Guns
Type: Solid
Damage: 3700 [x 2 dice rolls]
Range: 1~5
Ammo: 4/4

- Chest Compressor Cannon
Type: Beam
Damage: 6100
Range: 2~6
Cost: 60 EN
Like a Star @ heaven Special Effect: Map
-- Can hit multiple targets within range.

- Mega Particle Cannon
Type: Beam
Damage: 10000
Range: 3~9 spaces
Cost: 150 EN
Like a Star @ heaven Special Effect: Map
-- Can hit multiple targets within range.

Mechanical Designer: B.R.O.

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ARX-103 "Gundam Balder"
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