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 ARX-101 "Gundam Heimdall"

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ARX-101 "Gundam Heimdall" Empty
PostSubject: ARX-101 "Gundam Heimdall"   ARX-101 "Gundam Heimdall" EmptyFri Aug 13, 2010 5:53 am

ARX-101 "Gundam Heimdall" Trueheimball

Model number: ARX-101
Code name: Gundam Heimdall
Unit type: Prototype Close-Quarters-Combat Mobile Suit
Manufacturer: Park Heavy Industries
Operator: AEO
Accommodation: pilot only, in cockpit in torso
Monitor type: panoramic multi-monitor system
Head height 17.4 meters
Max weight: 49.3 metric tons
Armor materials: G-Mithril armor

Technical and Historical Notes:
-As part of the AEO's plan to hunt down CHROME Remnants throughout Earth and Space, the Aesir Wolves Division was born. The Aesir Wolves are highly-trained elite soldiers that stand out from regular mobile suit divisions. To suit their needs, they were given special mobile suits called Gundams.

Named after the whitest of the Aesir gods in Norse mythology, Gundam Heimdall was the first Gundam-type suit developed by the AEO. It was built as a close-quarters-combat mobile suit, armed only with light weapons. Because of its lighter load, it is more agile than most other mobile suits. Heimdall specialized in hit-and-run tactics that quickly dispatches enemy units before they can even react. It is armored with a very durable mineral called G-Mithril, light in weight yet durable enough to withstand conventional weapons.

Heimdall's fixed armaments consist of beam vulcan guns and arm-mounted grappling wires that can shock enemy mobile suits, rendering them immobile. Optional hand carried armaments include a very durable G-Mithril shield with built-in cannons, a single beam saber, and a powerful, 14-metre-long Ignition Sword. The Ignition Sword is so powerful that when its blades are charged with high energy, it cuts through other beam sabers and energy barriers. When it was first deployed in N.E. 0311, the Heimdall proved to be a terrifying mechanical monster to face.

Quote :

HP: 13000/13000
EN: 300/300
Movement: 5 spaces
Blocks: 5/5


- Melee Attack
Type: Solid
Damage: 1000
Range: 1~1
Cost: none

- Grappling Wire
Type: Electric
Damage: 3000
Range: 1~3
Cost: 12 EN
Like a Star @ heaven Special Effect: Drain: Subtract 50 EN from enemy and adds it to Heimdall

- Beam Saber
Type: Beam
Damage: 4000
Range: 1~1
Cost: 30 EN

- Ignition Sword (Normal Mode)
Type: Solid
Damage: 4700
Range: 1~2
Cost: 35 EN

- Ignition Sword (Powered Mode)
Type: Solid
Damage: 8000
Range: 1~2
Cost: 55 EN
Like a Star @ heaven Special Effect: Ignores all forms of Defense (including Iron Wall skill)


- Beam Vulcan
Type: Beam
Damage: 1200
Range: 1~2
Ammo: 5/5

- Shield Machine Cannon
Type: Beam
Damage: 2400
Range: 2~4
Ammo: 4/4

Mechanical Designer: Isshin Yaho
Additional Coloring and Details: B.R.O.

_____I love Mobile Suit Legends_____

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ARX-101 "Gundam Heimdall" Pbucket
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ARX-101 "Gundam Heimdall"
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