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Offensive Skills
Hot Blood
Effect: Increases the next attack's DMG by 2x
Cast: During user's phase
Compatible with: 100% hit
Not Compatible: Spirit, and another Hot Blood
Weakness: Damage is reduced by half on enemies with Iron Wall

100% Hit
Effect: Ensures a direct hit with the next attack
Cast: During user's phase
Compatible with: Hot Blood
Weakness: Does not affect targets with Flash

Self Destruct
Effect: Damages surrounding enemies within one (1) space with the user's maximum HP. The user's HP will be depleted and his unit will be destroyed.
Cast: During user's phase
Not compatible with: Blood and 100% Hit
Compatible: Mercy
Ignores: Iron Wall, All types of evade including flash, and overrides Mercy.

Effect: Adds an additional stun effect to a player's attack. If it hits-Renders any target unable to evade or block an counter attack the next attacks until the effects of stun wears off.
Cast: During user's phase
Duration: The effects of stun will wear off when the current phase ends.
Compatible with: Hot Blood, 100% hit or Spirit
Weakness: Does not affect targets with Flash
Note: Players with iron wall will still be affected by Stun

Effect: Increases the next attack's DMG by 3x
Cast: During user's phase
Compatible with: 100% Hit or Stun
Not Compatible: Hot Blood and another Spirit
Weakness: Damage is reduced by 25% on enemies with Iron Wall

Defensive Skills

Effect: Allows user to evade any attack
Cast: Any time (defending or attacking phase)
Not compatible with: Iron Wall
Added Effect: Ignore enemy's 100% Hit

Iron Wall
Effect: Gives user extra defense against an oncoming attack
Cast: During user's phase
Further Effect: Reduces received DMG with hot blood back to their normal attack power (less 50%) that lasts for the one complete cycle phase
Further Effect 2: Reduces received DMG with Spirit by 25%
Not Compatible: Flash

Effect: Restores user's HP back to full immediately

Effect: Restores the HP of one (1) ally to full level
Proximity: Must be 1 space from target ally

Miscellaneous Skills

Effect: Target enemy player will retain 1 HP if he or she is shot down. The said player is then literally at the mercy of the other players. He can choose to escape from his unit or stay and be capture, or die depending upon the other players. Target enemy's unit will be incapacitated and cannot fight or move anymore.
Can be combined with: 100% hit only

Effect 1: Adds (2) actions to action stat but it cannot go passed beyond the current maximum limit for actions.
Effect 2: User will be able to move and attack two times more in just one phase.
Duration: Effects will last for (3) full phase cycles.
Contraindication: Cannot be used if the user still has effects of any skill.
Bonus: User is immune to Stun
Side Effect: User cannot use any skills prior and during Rage mode

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