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 Unallied States and Factions

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After the Lunar War, most of the Rebel Nation went into hiding. In their place, sprang many other splinter groups with different agendas. Their only common denominator was their lack of allegiance to either the AEO or CHROME.

The insurgent group only known as the "Red Sun" is an extremist faction considered as an enemy by both the AEO and CHROME. This group conducted numerous raids on AEO bases and ports. In fact, their attacks have been specifically targeting members of the AEO who were known as corrupt. They also bombard CHROME resource satellites. As such, they are CHROME's enemies as well. They are also involved with relief efforts for residents of colonies damaged by the war. The organization has a deep ties with the space colonies. The faction boasts a wide network of contacts and abundant fighting strength. Their mobile suits include the versatile "Alakdan" and "Kamandag."

They were previously led by Commander Romulo Dumagit, but after his death at the hands of AEO forces, their current leader is Cardo Dalisay, who commands them from the mother ship "The Provincial."

The Moussaiga Army is a bandit group led by Usam Beldi. They operate around the Earth sphere, and on shipping routes between the planet and the colonies. They had a large force of between 3,000-4,000 members including piates, with twenty ships, numerous vehicles and mobile suits at their disposal. They primarily assaulted merchant vessels, much like the Rebel Nation before, and also occasionally worked as mercenaries for high paying clients. Due to their large size, they even attacked AEO bases, becoming a nuisance to the planet's biggest government. Despite attempts by AEO to stamp them out, they remained elusive due to mostly operating in the shadows, allowing them to operate largely unhindered and unchallenged.

Rai Ryu is a huge conglomerate, which represents the Outer Sphere. It has countless corporate affiliates and its vast range of activities encompasses heavy industry, manufacturing, construction, wholesale and retail trade, financing, medical care, education, agriculture, private military work, and transportation. The organization is also rumored to be run like a mafia.

Under Rai Ryu is a corporation known as Dragon Fang. Its collective armed operatives form the functional mercenary equivalent of a standing army. Besides mercenary deployment on demand, the company otherwise provides services relating to the training of military personnel and the transport and development of weapons

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Unallied States and Factions Gundamjharmoniasig
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Unallied States and Factions
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