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 AEO Major Bases and Locations

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PostSubject: AEO Major Bases and Locations   Tue Aug 28, 2018 3:22 pm

Tselinoyarsk Facility

Located in a underground complex in the heart of the Russian wilderness, it was considered impervious to conventional assault. While its general location in Russia was common knowledge, its entrance and exit points were zealously guarded secrets, and the target of numerous CHROME plots during the Lunar War. Tselinoyarsk cavernous reaches held a veritable megacity for its staff, along with extensive factories, spaceships docks, and research facilities. AEO's early Mobile Suit production began in Yagbol, ultimately producing thousands of units with the help of Shok Won Si Electronics, including many Gundam prototypes and other experimental weapons.

Tselinoyarsk is armed with the "Quetzalcoatl System", a large tower that emits a constant stream of powerful electrical discharges that shock and blow up enemy units descending from the sky.  Unlike the HEBROON Cannon, the Quetzalcoatl is completely legal since its main purpose is defensive.

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AEO Major Bases and Locations
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