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 AEO (After the Lunar War)

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AEO (After the Lunar War) Empty
PostSubject: AEO (After the Lunar War)   AEO (After the Lunar War) EmptyTue Aug 28, 2018 11:59 am

AEO is a peacekeeping organization established by the United Nations of Earth. Its origin can be traced back to over 200 years before the Lunar War of LC 206-209. To prevent humanity from facing extinction due to the bloody Lunar War, a group of like-minded individuals from across all nations and power blocs gathered together to end the fighting.

Unlike the pre-Lunar War AEO, which was a relatively unified body, the "new" AEO is more of a loose international military coalition of entities that are often working at cross-purposes to each other: thus, it's not uncommon for each of the factions to withhold the key workings of their weapons and armor technologies with their erstwhile allies. The combined military forces of the AEO are officially known as AEO Federal Forces.

Though officially lead by the democratic appointment of a Chairman and a political cabinet, oligarchs like the McCoy Foundation controls the majority of the AEO's actions through the influence of its most powerful political member-states and high profile families. This corruption is further compounded by a large financial backing of McCoy benefactors to both AEO Main, and formerly the TBS, in order to promote business and profit via war. As a result, the AEO is used to advance both organizations' political and military goals.

As of Lunar Century 218, AEO has several known established branches: Separate branches assigned jurisdiction over different parts of the Earth, Moon and space colonies, and a separate Commission on Audit. This commission's responsibility is to conduct routine inspections of the various AEO branches, assessing their efficiency and ensuring there is no corruption.

AEO Main (Pacific Branch)
The AEO Pacific Branch is the most powerful member of the Azure Earth Organization, often taking its lead in the past Lunar War. However, of all the superpowers in the AEO, the Pacific Branch was the most corrupted by True Blue Sphere, with remnants of the former group still in power, thus heavily influencing its actions.

AEO Oceania
The Oceania group is the second most powerful member of the AEO, behind only the Pacific Branch in terms of power and influence. Since this region has barely been influenced by TBS, it is not as extreme as the their bigger allies in the treatment and persecution of Spacenoids, even if they're enemies. This contributes to the rivalry and distrust of both federal states. Unfortunately, since the Pacific Branch holds more sway in the whole of the Organization, the Oceania branch is often pushed aside in terms of decision making.

AEO Orbital Forces
Although AEO forces in the Earth sphere are much better trained and motivated than those of the space colonies, the Orbital Forces are nonetheless special in their own way. In addition, there exists within Orbital Forces an elite moon-based unit known as "Extended Tactical Coordinated High Orbit Sentry". Otherwise known as the "ETCHOS", it is an elite fleet that is dedicated to protecting the Earth from external attacks.

AEO Commission on Audit
Special branch of government that is meant to check on abuses and cases of graft and corruption. Unlike the other AEO branches, the Commission operates anywhere. They have an independent fleet and are authorized to engage in combat if needed.

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AEO (After the Lunar War)
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