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 Lunar Century Complete Lore

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The Lunar Century, the dawn of a new age in human civilization. In mankind’s search for a solution to overpopulation, they sought answers from up above, more specifically, outer space. Before the Lunar Century, the Earth’s richest and most powerful counties, worked together on an astronomical project named the Lunar Expansion. The project aimed to turn more than half of the moon’s surface into a space colony to house ideally at least an eight of the world’s population. Furthermore, they planned on using the moon as a construction point for manufacturing and assembly of future Space Colonies.

The Lunar Expansion project was completed a few years behind schedule, nevertheless, it served purpose quite well and it didn’t take long before the second phase of the project was put into action. Eight years later the Earth came across one of its most catastrophic astronomic event in its entire history. A massive asteroid, twice the size of Texas, drifted towards the Earth and was vectored to impact the planet in approximately 3 years. The celestial body is a remnant of a moon from another planet which was struck by an asteroid, which caused it to break apart and be thrown out of orbit.

In order to save mankind from being wiped out like the dinosaurs, the Earth’s nations pooled their resources and united under one flag, the Azure Earth Organization was born and their first mission was to stop human extinction. The first ever interplanetary weapon was created, the Hebron Cannon, it drew power from the Earth’s geothermal core and converted it into a concentrated gravity beam. In theory the gravity weapon would be able to repel the asteroid like how two magnets with the same polarization are brought together. However, the Hebron Cannon performed far better than they had hoped. It didn’t only stop the Lunar Asteroid from hitting the Earth, it also split it in half and now the two parts orbit around the Earth in a similar way the moon does.

The two Lunar Asteroids still posed a threat of colliding with Earth’s moon and with each other with its unstable orbit, thus the AEO fitted the two with powerful thrusters to guide them and correct their orbit. It goes without saying that the arrival of the Lunar Asteroid was more of a blessing than a curse. The AEO used both Lunar Asteroids as part of the Lunar Expansion Project’s second phase. Instead of manufacturing their own Space Colonies, they used the Lunar Asteroids as a base similar to how they used the moon. They were named Uno Leviticus and Dos Leviticus. During the colonization of both asteroids, astronomers also discovered a new type of metal inside their Asteroids, which scientists appropriately named, Lunarium.

Lunarium is a unique compound which can only be found inside the two Lunar Asteroids.  In addition to its incredible strength--several times the strength and heat-resistance of titanium, Lunarium alloy is electrically non-conductive. However, this material is expensive and difficult to manufacture, making it unfeasible for mass production. It is created through the most advanced refining, fusing, and deoxidizing techniques, which are only possible in space. The refinement process causes the alloy to become electrically neutral, making it ideal for use with Beam-type weapons, and as armor, the material is almost entirely resistant to charge. However, the extremely high cost of production makes it impractical for military use. The very existence of Lunarium was kept secret.

A thorough look at the War that nearly destroyed all of humanity


The Lunar War (March LC 206-January LC 209) was the largest, and bloodiest war fought by humanity in the Lunar Century Calendar. Spanning nearly three years, billions of lives have been lost, and damages to the Earth have been irreparable. Historians have noted these 34 months to be the darkest in the history of mankind. In spite of all the chaos and destruction that it caused, the Lunar War brought forth several scientific advancements, particularly in the field of medicine and technology. This battle raged on all corners of the Earth and extended all the way to the space colonies and the moon.

This brutal conflict was the culmination of hostility between two sides, the Azure Earth Organization (AEO) and CHROME (short for Colonial Human Rights Organized Movement and Empowerment).  The relationship between the two sides representing Earth and Space have been strained for years. In AEO’s early days, Earth was ruled by the aristocratic McCoy family, headed by Chairman Fernando McCoy. McCoy turned out to be a despot and enforced an iron rule on the entire planet. He was eventually ousted by the Akihino family, who exposed his dirty deeds. In LC 186, Noi Akihino sat down and became chairman. He too, was plagued with corruption issues. His administration was criticized for slow growth, a stagnant economy and an overall declining concern for the environment. He ruled until LC 200, when he was eventually ousted by a new politician, Roh Dy Gong.

Roh Dy Gong’s popularity stemmed from his staunch war against crime. In LC 200, he declared that the Earth-Space sphere would be free of crime within three to six years. Ultimately, it proved to be an impossible task. At the end of his term, the world remained in a sorry state. In order to extend his term, he proposed that the AEO be turned into a Federal form of government. His reign continued after the constitution was changed, but it also created several problems. The newly-created federal states under the AEO began to expand and started to absorb smaller nations and territories, including colonies in space, against their will. To ensure minimal resistance, Chairman Dy Gong created the Tokhang Unit, a special police group of mobile suits that raided known crime hotspots on Earth and in space. This led to abuses, extrajudicial killings and a blatant disregard of human rights.

A politician named Mar Rokusas saw this as an opportunity to secede from the AEO for his own ends. Wanting to amass power for himself, he left for the colonies and established the LPC (Liberal Planetary Coalition), which would later be renamed CHROME. He took with him a trusted aide, Jhesty Lowbredo, and sought refuge in the L3 colony cluster. He acted as the political head while Lowbredo became his right-hand man. Lowbredo spread teachings of “Ascendancy”, an idea that humanity could turn into Ascendants and learn the true meaning of peace. He became endeared to the suffering colonists, while Rokusas continued to amass power and resources in the hopes of topping the AEO and ruling both Earth and space himself.

In LC 205, Lowbredo decided to go to Earth and share his philosophy with Chairman Dy Gong. While he genuinely wanted peace, his superior Rokusas only wanted a reason to declare war. Rokusas orchestrated Lowbredo’s death when the latter’s shuttle exploded en route to Earth. The death of the colonists’ beloved teacher sowed embitterment and anger in their hands. Rokusas swiftly denounced Lowbredo’s death in public, decrying it as a horrible and brutal attack by the AEO. Unknown to the people, it was by his hand that his aide died.

Having stirred up the feelings of space colonists, Rokusas changed the LPC’s name to CHROME. After stealing intel from the AEO, CHROME began work on its first mobile suit, the Prawn. The Prawn was the first war-ready mobile suit designed for anti-MS combat. The first prototype was fielded on late LC 205.

The First Shots: Battle of Mamasapanot:
The wide region of space known as Mamasapanot saw the efficiency of the Prawns against the police-type Tokhang mobile suit and warships. On May 19, LC 206 CHROME began to occupy the Mamasapanot region with their own MS and ships, destroying AEO space stations. AEO deployed 70 warships and 270+ Tokhangs, but were severely outmatched by the agile Prawn models. The Prawns easily showed their superiority against the relatively outdated AEO weapons, skirting around warships and sinking them easily. Several famous CHROME pilots earned their reputation here. The maniacal Rap Goblin scored over a dozen mobile suit kills in this skirmish. The deadly trio of Tito, Vic, and Joey displayed ruthless efficiency by destroying seven warships using their distinct formation, the “Jet Stream Attack”, while Kain Arrows, the most decorated CHROME pilot of all time, sunk 11 AEO cruisers and killed over thirty Tokhang mobile suits in his trademark ghostly white Prawn, earning him the title “Pale Death.” In the end, AEO had to retreat with only a handful of warships and none of their Tokhang suits. The surprise victory of CHROME pressured AEO to develop their own advanced mobile suits.

AEO’s Comeback:
Shok Won Si Electronics (SWSE) began to work on the latest AEO mass-produced mobile suit called the Nimbus, named after the storm clouds. By late LC 206, the Nimbus units were completed and deployed to great effect against CHROME’s Prawns. One advantage of the Nimbus was its ability to utilize beam weaponry in the form of beam sabers and beam rifles. Despite this, AEO found themselves once more on the losing end when the more-experienced CHROME pilots began to use new machines.

As the war raged on to Earth, CHROME’s bold experiments began to pay off. They have successfully developed an underwater mobile suit, the Jabongga, a heavily-armored behemoth that tore apart Nimbuses with ease. On land, the Buraga mobile suit, with its large hover thrusters, skimmed across the battlefield and decimated the more numerous but less-experienced AEO suits. Urban and jungle variants of the Prawn ruled supreme in their respective environments, forcing the AEO to rethink their plans.

At this point in the war, several AEO heads were contemplating surrendering to CHROME. Chairman Dy Gong was losing his wits. Shok Won Si Electronics came up with a bold solution: a new prototype mobile suit with performance higher than any other mobile suit at the time. It was extremely expensive, but its power was second to none. Enter the AEO-X01 “Beat Gundam”, the first of its kind.

A total of six Beat Gundams were created, each with its own specialized equipment. Four would be destroyed in a raid by CHROME. The other two were able to escape. One of these Gundams ended up in the hands of Lt. Cinco Antioch, a young but talented ace pilot of the AEO. Cinco would go on and use his Gundam successfully against CHROME’s mobile suits, and became a decorated ace during the Lunar War. He was eventually made the face of AEO’s military propaganda campaigns, inspiring scores of young men from all over the world to enlist and join the fight.

Operation Jolly Bee:
Operation Jolly Bee was the first of AEO’s major campaigns. It oversaw the retaking of the Philippines, a strategic position in the Pacific, from CHROME occupation. The two Gundams participated in this operation. On December 25, LC 206, AEO landed in Luzon and began a massive carpet bombing on CHROME installations on the northern edges of the island. The bombing was successful, and the Gundams were sent to mop up any traces of CHROME mobile suits in the area. AEO pressed on the attack using Waibalong tanks and Nimbus units. Cinco’s Beat Gundam was most notably converted into the “Jungle Type” and was successful in clearing the forests of Prawn units. CHROME was forced to retreat to Manila, where they made their last stand. Some Prawns were able to escape to space using the mass driver in Subic, while the rest were either destroyed or surrendered to the AEO.

Liberation of Asia:
Having secured the Philippines, AEO went on and spread to the neighboring countries in the Far East. They were met with a staunch opposition by the CHROME in Singapore. Singapore had very little natural resources, but it was a place where CHROME had many backers. They tried to hold the place down for as long as they could. Here, Cinco met Midori Shiranui, who was an unstable Cyber-Ascendant. Little did he know that she was in fact, a CHROME mobile armor pilot. They fell in love, earning the ire of Kain. During the operation, Cinco had to face Midori’s gigantic Prawn Desolator. As an awakening Ascendant himself, Cinco used his new abilities and was able to temporary disable the Prawn Desolator. However, Midori was highly unstable and turned berserk once she saw the AEO forces advancing from the shore. She went wild and attacked friends and foes alike. Cinco and Kain, now rivals, had to work together to subdue the destructive mobile armor. In the end, she was shot down by her ally, Rap Goblin. Kain was furious and stepped on Rap, trampling him with his Appurado’s foot (he would somehow survive with most of his body turned into a cyborg). Cinco would have to be pulled out from the battle from shock and depression. He later defected to the Rebel Nation after re-examining his beliefs and morals.

Rise of the Rebel Nation:
By late LC 208, the Rebel Nation, a group of revolutionaries, began involving themselves into the war. They saw the war as an opportunity to take out the AEO. They initially allied themselves with CHROME, offering their services, but later on they realized that CHROME is also aiming to conquer the Earth. Led by a man named Gilbert, also known as the Boss Chief, these rebels tried to end the war by attacking both sides. Their guerilla tactics made them a formidable force to be reckoned with. Boss Chief was killed by Rap Goblin, leaving his wife Sierra Arabello to inherit the faction. She co-led the Rebel Nation with Rabid, one of the group’s ace pilots.

The True Blue Sphere:
By the closing months of the war, it was apparent that AEO needed more power than what was legal in order to defeat CHROME. Chairman Dy Gong created another reactionary taskforce that would be able to better deal with CHROME’s resiliency. Thus, the TRUE BLUE SPHERE (TBS) was born. Initially placed under the control of Vice Chairman Mocha Uzon, the TBS employed every dirty tactic in the book. As TBS grew, so did their power and their propensity for violating war rules. TBS never hesitated to use prohibited weapons. A steep decline in AEO approval rating ensued, with Mocha Uzon later getting killed in an operation conducted by CHROME.

Filling in the void left by Uzon was a mysterious geneticist named Isshin Yaho. Isshin initially worked for LP under Lowbredo, but left after his family was killed along with Lowbredo when the shuttle that they were in exploded en route to Earth. As the new Chairman of the TBS, Isshin immediately began experimenting on several AEO pilots. His goal was to create an answer to CHROME’s evolved pilots, Ascendants.

Isshin Yaho spearheaded a mysterious project called the Dynamic DNA Stimulation (DDS). In this experiment, DDS subjects undergo accelerated gene transformation which unlocks their body’s full potential allowing them to break their limits during fight or flight situations. His initial tests were all failures, causing all of his test subjects to undergo a horrible, painful death. However, near the end of year LC 208, Isshin’s experiments were deemed successful. His subjects were both mentally and physically enhanced through a combination of Gene-Manipulation therapy and musculoskeletal re-enforcement.  DDS pilots did not possess the same supernatural powers the Ascendants have, but they had superior reflexes and greatly enhanced combat instincts, combined with a durable body with superhuman endurance. Their ability to learn and adapt quickly while in battle allowed them to out-pilot and outlast opponents. One of the drawbacks, however, was that these pilots required regular pharmacological maintenance from Isshin Yaho himself. If they failed to meet their medication requirements, their brains would eventually swell up, resulting in death.

Isshin selected four young men who would be known as his “Horsemen”. They became his personal bodyguards. AEO brass witnessed their development and were highly impressed. Their superior performance exceeded the limits of any conventional AEO suit, and thus they were given brand new Gundams to maximize their potential. Isshin assigned each of these boys a Gundam, and they would go on to score successive victories for the AEO.

The first of these was Ensign Hiren Maxwell, son of a high ranking AEO General was a young hotshot pilot who was transferred to TBS on his father’s behest. He suffered from inferiority complex because of his father’s overbearing attitude towards him. He piloted the Gundam Siege Orchid, and served as the defensive pillar of the team. The second pilot was Ensign Ritsuka Aoyagi a young boy from the province, who was a star student in the academy and is now one of AEO’s top prospects. He was transferred to the TBS due of his excellent grades and his vast potential. Despite his vast academic achievements, Ritsuka did not have the support of his family. Sick of the provincial life, he ran away from his home to join the AEO. He commandeers the Gundam Gale Magnum, a balanced type mobile suit which excels in high speed aerial combat.

The third enhanced pilot was Khayra Alfius, a young tech genius from the Philippines, capable of hacking almost any system created by man. He was originally assigned in TBS’s tech-support unit but he hacked his eligiblity for the DDS program, desiring to build a better version of himself. Khayra has been a victim of bullying his entire life because of his weak frame and nerdy features. Khayra was assigned Gundam Galaxy Exelios, a long range type mobile suit armed with the legendary Exelios Cannon.  

The last of the pilots was someone who was never a soldier nor a trainee. His name was Katsushiro Asano, a mentally challenged kid living in the special needs orphanage under the AEO. Katsushiro benefited most from Isshin’s program because with the help of Isshin, Katsushiro’s mental retardation was cured. Unlike all the other DDS pilots, Katsushiro was only chosen to boast that the DDS program can cure mental retardation. He endured a history of physical and mental abuse from random people he’s encountered prior to being his life at the orphanage. He piloted the Gundam Max-Breaker, a deadly closed ranged mobile suit.

All four pilots were personally trained by Cinco Antioch before he defected to the Rebels. The Four Horsemen rarely left Isshin’s side, and as a result of his success, Isshin was often the target of CHROME’s operations. The four pilots grew stronger and wiser with every battle they won. In a course of a few months they became super-pilots capable of going toe-to-toe with Ascendants and Cyber Ascendant pilots of CHROME.

In truth, Isshin’s work in the TBS was just a sham. The project was a merely a cover-up to hide his true plan. Guided by his research and consumed by the grief of losing his family, Isshin plotted to rid the world of all mankind. In his eyes, the world had already fallen, having been polluted by war-seeking “sinners” and the only way to cleanse the world is to destroy all human life and replace it with his creations. Playing God, Isshin manufactured artificial beings which Isshin fondly refers to as “Pure-Ones.” These genetically perfect individuals share the same evolutionary traits of Ascendants, and were meant to be released into the world 10 years after Isshin had erased all human life on the planet and space colonies. He created thousands of them, hidden in a secret base in Antarctica, grown inside artificial wombs using modified Ascendant DNA.

Operation Obosen:
Eventually, Isshin’s secret plot was found out by the AEO and Dy Gong planned to have Isshin assassinated and his secret laboratory burned to ash. This purge was called “Operation Obosen”. Isshin was not able to save his laboratory and his creations, but he was able to escape to space with the help of his Four Horsemen. However, the battle caused his Four horsemen to become separated from each other. Ritsuka was captured, tortured and was killed by the AEO. Hiren and Katsushiro were saved by their previous instructor Cinco Antioch and was taken to the Rebel Nation headquarters. Khayra Alfius remained with Isshin for some time, but ultimately decided to leave him after he realized that he was unable to accept Isshin’s plans for the world. Abandoned and cut off from his resources, Isshin decided bide his time in the shadows.

Exposure and Awakening:
The series of brutal raids and wanton disregard for war rules left a bitter taste in Cinco’s mouth. He began to question his beliefs, and ultimately he decided to leave AEO. He took his Beat Gundam with him and came in contact with the Rebel Nation. After a long, and grueling battle with the Rebel Nation’s ace, Rabid, he came to realize that neither AEO nor CHROME was right. Though still doubtful, he joined the rebels and began to mount assaults on the two warring factions. Huge bounties on his head was issued by both AEO and CHROME. Despite these threats, he continued to fight for the rebels. He met his old instructor, Captain Bondoc on the battlefield and was forced to kill him. Though shaken morally, Cinco stayed with the Rebels until the end of the war.

The Teal Devil and the Pale Ghost:
Much to Kain’s chagrin, he was demoted for attacking a fellow squadmate. Rap miraculously survived through the extensive use of cybernetics. Now an Ensign once more, he needed to double his efforts to prove himself to his homeland. Under his hardworking and proud exterior, Kain was very much still devastated with the death of Midori. He was later sent to Belfast, in an operation to stop the Rebels from using a mass driver to get to space. Though demoted, he was still allowed to keep his Apurrado mobile suit.

A bloodbath ensued in Belfast. Forty CHROME mobile suits, including Kain and his new protégé, Salman Ozma, attempted to prevent the Rebel Nation’s escape to outer space. Rabid and Sierra boarded the warship Wishing Star and prepared to accelerate when the CHROME mobile suits arrived. Cinco and Kain squared off against each other, but their duel was cut short. Cinco managed to escape with the Rebels into space. Salman was gravely injured and had to be taken out of the team.

Decimation and Despair:
Upon reaching outer space, the Rebel Nation pilots finally reunited with their leader, Boss Chief. Cinco and Boss Chief had a thorough discussion about wars and ideals. The happy reunion was interrupted by a host of CHROME Space Forces, now led by a cybernetically-enhanced Rap Goblin. Though Cinco’s powers were now awakened, he still had difficulty adjusting to them, and was nearly defeated by Rap’s new Sebiunova, until Boss Chief himself jumped into the fray with his custom Kiba. Boss Chief was outmatched and was mortally wounded. Their duel reached the interior of a space colony. Rap finally managed to land a killing blow, but not before sustaining considerable damage himself. In anger, he pissed on Boss Chief’s corpse after killing him. The act was witnessed by the Rebel Nation and in anger, they stormed in and destroyed the colony. Rap managed to flee, living to fight another day.

Final Days of the Lunar War:
With the help of the now exiled Isshin Yaho and his DDS pilots, the AEO were able to push out all the CHROME forces who occupied the Moon Colony. Seizing the opportunity to make a statement, Chairman Dy Gong left Earth to personally raise the AEO flag on the recently liberated Moon Base. Little did he know, that the defeat of the CHROME forces was merely a trap devised by the brilliant Commander Lalionus Gravebrood. A concealed CHROME ship was hidden inside one of the Moon’s giant craters and most of the Moon civilians were CHROME soldiers in disguise and CHROME sympathizers.  Before the AEO forces could pick up on the trap set by Lalionus, it was already too late. Dy Gong and his men were gunned down while having his photo taken during the flag raising ceremony.

Under command of Admiral Drilon, Lieutenant Kain Arrows led the assault to reclaim the Moon Base. It was at this time that Acting Vice-Chairman Bongbo McCoy took over the AEO and sanctioned the use of the HEBROON Cannon to deface the CHROME forces on the Moon for killing Dy Gong. Even at 10% power, the HEBROON Cannon easily destroyed the entire Lunar Base with its gravity beam. That single shot took the lives of nearly 2 million CHROME forces as well as innocent civilians living on the Moon. The attack went down in history as one of mankind’s most horrific acts of war.

However, McCoy was not done just yet. He ordered the destruction of Dos Leviticus next, CHROME’s primary base and home to over 23 million spacenoids.  The HEBROON Cannon needed significant time to recharge before it can fire again. During this time, CHROME organized an all-out counter attack, which was intended to destroy the HEBROON Cannon. However, AEO forces held them off in space long enough for the HEBROON Cannon to fully charge up. It was one of those “Hold your breath” moments right before the HEBROON Cannon’s firing.

Fortunately for the CHROME forces, seconds before the weapon could fire, a large beam fell from space and decimated the HEBROON Cannon.  The beam’s origin, was from the decommissioned Space Colony L-04. A better scan of the area revealed that it was fired from an Ultra Long Ranged Sniper weapon, similar to the one the Exelios Gundam had. But at its trigger was none other Black and Red colored Gundam Type Mobile Suit. The weapon used was a prototype of the Exelios Cannon and could only register one shot before it malfunctioned, however it was a well worth shot which saved the lives of millions of people.
“Don’t get the wrong idea… I am merely protecting an investment…”

A message transmitted sent from the Black Gundam, and the voice was similar to the ex-Chairman of TBS Isshin Yaho. With the HEBROON Cannon gone CHROME’s forces was invigorated and so the war ensued. Their new target was now the AEO’s Capital in North America. Isshin watched as both forces killed each other off and waited till both forces had thinned out their troops before enacting his next plan. Now that the AEO was preoccupied with the CHROME forces and with the absence of the HEBROON Cannon, the Earth could no longer protect itself from attacks form space. Knowing this, Isshin ignites L-04’s thrusters and directs it towards the Earth. Not even Nuclear weapons could stop a colony the size of L-04. Once it hits the Earth, it would definitely eliminate a large portion of the human population, and the fall out that follows after will last for several decades. Isshin Yaho finally reveals himself during a global broadcast from within his Gundam wherein he relayed his beliefs, ideals and his goal which is to cure mankind by ending it. He enters the “Final Battle”, bringing with him the ominous Deceit Gundam, a mobile suit that used the pilot data of all the aces of AEO.

Enemy or not, CHROME would never support mass murder on a planetary scale. They set aside their fight with the AEO forces to aid them on taking down Isshin and stopping the colony from hitting the Earth.  The decommissioned L-04 was a massive space colony but with the combined effort from both factions, they were successful in destroying part of it before it could enter Earth’s Atmosphere. However, the other part of the colony had just entered the Earth Atmosphere and was now too late to stop it. Just when all hope seemed lost, Khayra Alfius emerges with his Exelios Gundam outfitted with a high mobility armor called the NSL Unit. His Exelios Cannon completely destroys the falling debris of L-04 and prevents saves the lives of everyone on Earth. Yet after all that he was still reluctant on fighting Isshin, the man who he greatly respects and fears. Right after he saved the Earth, Khayra ran away again.

There was still the threat of Isshin that had to be dealt with. Mar Rokusas charged into battle and tasked Commander Lalionus Gravebrood with the base’s final defense. The Deceit Gundam laid waste to both AEO and CHROME forces during the battle. The Rebel Nation, including Hiren and Cinco attacked the Deceit Gundam unsuccessfully. They were all soundly defeated. In this battle, Mar Rokusas perished.

Katsushiro, after having his Gundam Max Breaker fully upgraded by the Rebel Nation, sped off into to join his comrades fight against Isshin. But even with his help, Isshin and his Deceit Gundam was simply too powerful for them. In the end it came down to Hiren and Katsushiro against Isshin. Hiren sacrificed himself in order for Katsushiro to get a clear shot of Isshin, but his efforts were all in vain. Isshin still managed to dodge Katsushiro’s attack at the last moment, grabbed the Max-Breaker by the throat and rendered it immobile and limbless.

However, before Isshin could stab Katsushiro in his cockpit, Khayra Alfius emerged, and fired his Exelios Cannon at Isshin in order to save his friend. The Deceit Gundam diverted all its energy into its right flank’s side, deflecting the beam but also leaving his left side completely open from. Katsushiro took advantage of this mometary distraction and stabbed the Deceit Gundam in the cockpit and through the reactor with a broken blade, killing Isshin outright. Both mobile suits disappeared in a massive explosion.

With the most influential leaders of both sides dead, the Lunar War finally ended. TBS was abolished. A treaty was signed by the remaining officers of the AEO and CHROME, officially ending the war. AEO elected a new leader, Chairman Gordo, who promised never to start a war again. On CHROME’s side, the people elected Leini Lugao Lobredo, the widow of the late Ambassador Lowbredo as their new Chancellor.  Both leaders strove to fix the damage caused by the war. The road to rebuilding and reconciliation was long and hard but by Lunar Century 218, CHROME and AEO have learned to coexist.

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