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 GMSL RPG General Rules of Roleplaying

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PostSubject: GMSL RPG General Rules of Roleplaying   Mon Aug 13, 2018 3:37 pm

Hello Guest,

Please take a moment to learn these simple rules before playing Gundam MSL.

--"God Modding" is in essence when someone’s character has the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries. And example is when they simply cannot be harmed by any and all means other RP-ers try.

-Cheating your Stats, Skills, etc...

-It can be killing or injuring a character without the player's express permission.

-It can be when they simply can’t be hit and dodge all attacks or anything for this matter aimed at them.

-It can also be using other characters that other people RP with. In other words, if you do not RP as.

Offenders will be given a warning and have their post invalidated.

--Some players have violated this rule frequently. If some player posts something that he/she or their faction only knows, you cannot come up with something that says "I KNOW THAT TOO." That is plain silly. Popping up inside enemy bases, making their security forces stupid, or inept is meta gaming. You cannot control a personnel or mobile suit of the opposite faction of you are not given permission to do so.

Offenders will be given a warning and have their post invalidated.

3. Courtesy, avoid Flaming!
--There have been complaints that people are using foul language or flaming others. For example. telling someone to "shut the f--k" up is immature and will be frowned upon.

Offenders will be suspended for 2 weeks on the 1st offense. 2 months on the 2nd offense. And banned indefinitely for 3rd offense.

4. NO FORCE HITTING during RP...
-This means you cannot call hits on enemy personnel and mobile suits. You can, however, attack objects like houses, colonies, etc. When having an RP battle with an admin or another player, it is still up to the receiver of the attack to decide if he gets hit or not.


Offenders will be given a warning and have their post invalidated.

5. DO NOT POST OBNOXIOUS POSTS that can ruin the Forum or RPG's story/image. 

- Making singing and dancing dinosaurs, using song lyrics to lengthen your post, these are just two examples of off-putting posts that can possibly ruin the RPG. These posts will be invalidated and the user who made them, given a warning.

1st offense will lead to 2 weeks suspension. 2nd offense will lead to 2 months suspension, 3rd offense and your account will be banned indefinitely.


- 1st offense will be your last. Rule breakers will be suspended for 2 weeks and will be subject for permant ban after deliberation.


- We will not tolerate any form of cyber bullying on this site. If you feel like you are being treated unfairly, report the abussive post or message and the staff, along with other players, will deliberate on your case. Offenders will be suspended for 2 weeks on first offense. 2 months on second offense. Permanent ban on 3rd offense.

_____I love Mobile Suit Legends_____
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GMSL RPG General Rules of Roleplaying
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