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 Rainer Rotwald

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PostSubject: Rainer Rotwald   Tue Apr 12, 2016 8:59 am

NAME: Rainer Rotwald
AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 5'6"
WEIGHT: 107 lbs.

FACTION: Zeitgeist Union

APPEARANCE: Short, thin and not too muscular, Rainer Rotwald is a young man usually overlooked by most people. His unusually large blue eyes hold a certain emptiness that serves as an odd contrast to his boyish appearance. A pair of thick black-rimmed glasses, needed to deal with Rainer's poor vision, rest in front of his eyes and stand out clearly against his pale skin. He typically likes wearing comfortable clothes such as his gray hoodie and dark blue sweat pants, but he will wear a pilot uniform if the need arises. Others often mistake him as being younger than he actually is based on his looks, a fact he's gotten used to.

PERSONALITY / TRAITS: Upon first meeting him, most would describe Rainer as cold and emotionless, but he's actually quite mellow and easygoing. The expressionless look he tends to have on his face comes from his relaxed nature, and he can be scatterbrained at times, losing focus on a somewhat regular basis. He tends to make decisions on a whim, often placing him in odd situations. He tries to treat others kindly and politely as often as he can, no matter whose side they happen to be on.

Contrary to how he may appear, Rainer feels his emotions strongly. Due to a certain traumatic event that happened earlier in his life, he typically finds it easier to close off most of his emotions and embrace the odd sense of calm he gains in the process. However, this causes him to slip into a panic when he finds himself in situations of severe stress.

Over the course of Rainer's life, he has piloted numerous mobile suits for multiple purposes, giving him a solid amount of piloting experience. In spite of this, his combat experience can be faulty from time to time, and his lack of concentration can sometimes backfire on him.

HISTORY: Rainer Rotwald was born an only child to a lower middle-class family in a colony somewhere in Zeitgeist territory. Growing up, the boy's life was fairly average. He got a basic education, his mother stayed at home and his father worked as a colony construction worker and repairman. Of course, this meant Rainer's family never stayed in the same colony for long, leading him to become somewhat reclusive. He often spent most of his time indoors, preferring the quiet of his house to the noise outside.

Once Rainer reached age seven, he discovered his father's main reason for moving so frequently: while his main job was as a worker, he also moonlighted as a black market dealer specializing in illegal mobile suit sales. Low on employees and with demand rising as the war escalated, Rainer's father "hired" his son, teaching him the basics of mobile suit piloting and having him transport bought or sold suits when needed. This routine carried on for several years past that, and Rainer gained a good amount of piloting experience as a result.

One afternoon, shortly after Rainer's thirteenth birthday, his father was negotiating a sale with a group of extremists while Rainer performed a systems check on a Behnke mobile suit. One of the extremists got into an argument with Rainer's father, and the teenager could only watch in shock as the disagreement escalated to a shootout that ended with his father lying on the floor. Gripped by panic, Rainer took hold of the Behnke's controls and opened fire on the extremists with its vulcans. He kept his finger glued to the trigger until the clips were empty, leaving the group a bloody mess before taking the mobile suit and running as far away as he could from the area. He abandoned the suit once it ran out of fuel.

After about a year of wandering, sulking, and committing petty thievery, Rainer decided to put the past - and all emotions he associated with it - behind him and make a better life for himself. For the next four years, he worked odd jobs in multiple colonies, spanning from mining and construction work to mobile suit-based heists and even fighting for independent factions. Wanting to put his accumulated mobile suit experience to good use, Rainer enlisted in the Zeitgeist Union's military as an ensign mobile suit pilot at age eighteen.
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PostSubject: Re: Rainer Rotwald   Wed Apr 13, 2016 2:22 am


Welcome to the Zeitgeist Union. 

Your character debuts in Chapter 6-B.

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Rainer Rotwald
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