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 Raymond Hartwell

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PostSubject: Raymond Hartwell    Wed Apr 06, 2016 9:10 pm

NAME: Raymond Hartwell
AGE: 33
HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: 176 lbs
FACTION: Dragon Fang
APPEARANCE: A middle-aged gentleman, he has light black hair that obscures half of his left eye.
He has a penchant for wearing expensive suits, which makes sense considering one of his current 
occupations. His usual attire being that of a blue overcoat over a blue vest atop a buttoned white 
shirt with its collar upturned. Underneath his clothes, below his shoulder and above his heart and just barely out of sight, he has a red tattoo. He had it done early in the war after his first investment was made and, while he might not show it, is a symbol of his loyalty to Dragon Fang. 
PERSONALITY / TRAITS: For all that he appears mild-mannered, he has quite the temper. Raymond has been known to drag anyone over the coals anyone that gets on his bad side. He 
frequently underestimates his opponents, often mocking them mid-battle. While hmight 
be a backer he also has a thirst for bloodshed, which, while not being something unique among 
his peers, has driven him to become a pilot to quench it. This was only part of the reason why he joined, however. And as much as he loved bloodshed, he also knew that retreating is a viable otion when most (or all) of your allies are dead.
Typically not one for small-talk, he does enjoy bets here and there regarding his foes survivability. 
This dropped off slightly after the loss of his businesses. He managed to retain one, and its income 
wasn’t nearly as great as the other two. As a result, he took to drinking. He didn't drink the cheap stuff unless there wasn't any of the finer vintages around.
Not much is known about the man. His love for bloodshed came from his time during the early stages of the war where he served as a mercenary pilot. The sheer insanity and intensity of the opening battles of the war whet his appetite, and thus gave the desire for more.  At one point in time he was the part-owner of three casinos, one in Lunar City, a second 
on an affluent colony under Zeitgeist control, and the third on a similarly well-off AEO colony. As a backer, ordinarily he wouldn't have to pilot a suit, but on top the fact that he desired the thrill of combat, and with a background in mobile 
suit piloting he had little trouble being accepted. Having worked with Rufous for several years he had no trouble acquiring a Kiba Alimatok, having been keeping up with the Kiba model's evolution with great interest. 

He had decided to join the fighting force of Dragon Fang, besides his battle lust, to protect his investments. Considering that the AEO and Zeitgeist both took over his casinos (the one in their respective spheres of influence), he only had the Lunar one left and so needed to protect anything that he had put Omz into. This included Dragon Fang. He had no desire to see it fall after all he'd put into it.
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PostSubject: Re: Raymond Hartwell    Thu Apr 07, 2016 12:40 am


Welcome to  Dragon Fang

Your character debuts in Chapter 6-B.

_____I love Mobile Suit Legends_____

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Raymond Hartwell
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