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 Largo Ford

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PostSubject: Largo Ford   Tue Apr 05, 2016 9:41 pm

NAME: Largo Ford
AGE: 29
HEIGHT: 6'4''
WEIGHT: 265 lbs
FACTION: Azure Earth Organization

APPEARANCE: Largo's the quintessential big guy of any team. With muscles the size of full-grown anacondas, Largo is one big tower of strength. He is 6'4", and weights a whopping 265 lbs. He's always faced with the problem of finding a suitable uniform. He has a pair, but it just usually tears right off when he moves suddenly. He reserves this for important and formal meetings. Largo's usual attire of choice are tanktops and combat vests. He covers a scar over his eye with sunglasses. Largo can also be commonly seen wearing a cap, and usually a pair of work gloves.

PERSONALITY / TRAITS: An introvert by nature, Largo prefers being alone, and he doesn't speak much unless asked. He has a serious work ethic that expands beyond fighting in mobile suits. Due to his size and strength he is often called upon to work on maintenance. He is also a hard drinker and loves gambling. Largo doesn't act too friendly towards team mates but he does care for them in his own way. One thing that gets him speaking, is talking about his family. Largo has a wife and daughter and he enjoys bragging about them when he has a chance.

HISTORY: Largo has been using mobile suits and serving the AEO since he was still a skinny teenager. Now 29 years old, Largo has a family, a wife and a daughter back home. He and his wife often argued about how he should just quit the service, but Largo said that he'll try to serve one more year before retiring. He is optimistic that the war will end before its 11th year.

Before leaving for battle, Largo had a small bakery opened in his hometown of Alabama. In his absence, the bakery is being ran by his wife and mother in law. Largo worries that if the war doesn't end soon, it will reach America and put his family in danger. This drove him to be more active in the service. When he returned to active duty he was surprised to see that Zeitgeist and Dragon Fang had teamed up. All the more, Largo doubled up his efforts in making sure the Earth was a better place one step at a time.
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PostSubject: Re: Largo Ford   Thu Apr 07, 2016 12:39 am


Welcome to the Azure Earth Organization

Your character debuts in Chapter 6-B.

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Largo Ford
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