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 Faust Family

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PostSubject: Faust Family   Tue Apr 05, 2016 5:38 pm

The Faust Family

The Fausts are one of the most prominent noble families of the Azure Earth Organization. Their bloodline can be traced back to kings of Germany. They are primary supporters of the military wing of the AEO, second only to the Dervals. They also run their own mobile suit development laboratories, which they co-operate with the Wolfgangs.

Because of their great sphere of influence, the Fausts were able to use their connections to promote a tradition of nepotism within the government. This trend started with the Faust family patriarch, Victor Augustus Faust who is a retired admiral, and yet still manages to pull considerable strings to secure favors. He is succeeded by his son, Captain Valdermarr Faust. 

Valdermarr is married to Dr. Elselse J. Faust. Together they have several children. Eldest son Vincent J. Faust is pretty much a reflection of his own father, and holds the position of Lt. Commander within the AEO. Following him is Helena J. Faust, a woman of science similar to her mother. Next is Eliza Faust, a Lt. Junior Grade, and the youngest son, Volker Eginheart Faust, an Ensign.

This is the main family of Faust, though their extended family members also enjoy considerable privileges within the military. Victor Augustus Faust had other children with other women, half-siblings of Valdermarr. These in turn had many children of their own. It has been often said that the Faust family's main business tactic is siring progeny. With so many members of the Faust clan holding significant positions in the AEO, they are a force to be reckoned with. However, even they are not immune to inside quarrels and bickering amongst each other.

*Faust Family lore is based on characters created by Ise*
*The AEO group is now recruiting new players who can play part of the Faust extended family (meaning not children of Valdermarr, but ancestry can be traced to the grandfather, Victor Augustus. Stay within lore limits)

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Faust Family
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