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 Keat Torrington

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PostSubject: Keat Torrington   Fri Apr 01, 2016 6:32 pm

NAME: Keat Torrington
AGE: 17

HEIGHT: 5'2"
WEIGHT: 99 lbs

FACTION: Azure Earth Organization

APPEARANCE:  Keat is a short fellow, only 5'2" passing the minimum height requirement for AEO soldiers. Initially this height problem was too much for him, as he was told that he can't fight on the frontlines and was only suited for paper work. He is also very fragile looking and very light for his height. He has some skill with guns and combat but he is often left in the dust by bigger and stronger soldiers.

PERSONALITY / TRAITS: Insecure but good natured, Keat is very soft for a soldier. He attempts to rectify these shortcomings by compensating with his piloting skills, which are average. What he lacks in physical ability he makes up with his fierce devotion to the Azure Earth Organization. He greatly idolizes the late Isshin Yaho and wishes he was there to stop his death. Keat is also very shy around women, and is a virgin, having never had a girlfriend before in his life.

HISTORY: Keat Torrington is an Australian-born young man with plenty of hopes and dreams. His parents were both members of the AEO, and it's because of this that he strives to do his best to serve his country. Growing up, he was indoctrinated that the AEO were the saviors of the world, and that the Zeitgeist Union were nothing more than savage terrorists. He personally has no problems with the Zeitgeist Union but he was told that it was his duty to fight them, and so he enlisted.

At military school, Keat excelled in practical applications. He got good grades in firearms training, piloting and survival. Although he tried to get along with most of the recruits, they looked down on him for being short. He did his best to overcome these faults but he still fell below expectations. His depression got inside him and he graduated at the bottom of his class.

Because he was one of the lowest ranked soldiers during his class, Keat became a grunt. He wanted to be a test pilot for the new prototypes but he was told that he wasn't good enough. Still, Keat persevered. He continues to work on his skills as a pilot in the hopes that one day he would be good enough to allowed to join the ranks of the Armada Siguion Reina. Eventually he reached the rank of Sergeant.
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PostSubject: Re: Keat Torrington   Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:26 pm


Welcome to the Azure Earth Organization

Your character debuts in Chapter 6.

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Keat Torrington
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