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Shiranui Family and Tres Exodos

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Shiranui Family and Tres Exodos

Post by KaraShiranui on Thu Mar 31, 2016 9:53 pm

Shiranui Family and Tres Exodos

Tres Exodos is a solitary, but uncommonly large Stanford-Torus type space colony situated in the far flung locales of space. It is one of the four noteworthy members from the Zeitgeist Union, the others being Unos Genesis, Dos Leviticus, and Quatro Deutronomios. Tres Exodos is lorded over by the influential Shiranui Family, headed by a capable ruler, King Jun Bayao Shiranui. 

The Shiranuis have strongly pressed for reforms inside of the Union. They are the least corrupt of the four respectable houses. Their fundamental rival is the Gravebrood Family of Dos Leviticus, as of now the lion's share holder of the whole Union. Jun Bayao knows the corruption inside of the Zeitgeist Union and states that the Gravebroods are behind it. Along these lines, despite the fact that both groups are unified together under the Union, there is ill will between the Gravebroods and the Shiranuis. 

Jun Bayao Shiranui is the patriarch of the Shiranui clan, an effective master who claimed the title of King of his space colony. Jun Bayao's contributions to the Union were noteworthy, giving subsidies and also minerals for the improvement of the Prawn mobile suits. He wanted to make MS advancement a priority, yet the Union said it was unnecessary to take further steps. 

Jun Bayao has two girls, Princess Kara and Princess Karylle. His everyday duties are overseen by Kara. His other daughter, Karylle, eloped with a man named Gilbert Cendrillion and defected to the AEO 20 years ago.

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