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MSL Newbie

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PostSubject: Inshallah-666   Wed Mar 23, 2016 2:08 pm

NAME: Inshallah-666
AGE: ?
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 170 cm

FACTION: Dragon Fang

APPEARANCE: The Cyber Ascendant just known as "Inshallah-666" is the penultimate creation of Ellida Institute, patterned after a psychic young lady named Inshallah from Saudi Arabia. Like her base format, Inshallah-666 has pink hair and red eyes, and her face is tender yet full of sadness. Her body build is faily tall and thin. There are two implants on her head; these are utilized to control her in combat, and also serves as a means to utilize psychosensitive weapons.

Identity/TRAITS: Being a Cyber Ascendant, Inshallah-666's personality relies on upon her mental conditioning. This young lady has been subjected to the harshest of climates and the hardest of tranining regimens. As a consequence of this she is fast, agile and strong. She is likewise able to manipulate psychosensitive weapons. In a fight she is ruthless and unrestrained. Outside of her missions she is docile and delicate, and loves to play with creatures such as cats and puppies. When she is left unchecked, she can turn savage. To keep this side of her repressed, Inshallah-666 requires a daily "recharge" of 5-8 hours inside her incubation chamber, and in addition a steady supply of infusions and oral medications. 

HISTORY: Inshallah-666 as her name infers, is a part of a line of Cyber Ascendants manufactured by the Ellida Institute. Her other 665 "sisters" are viewed as disappointments, maturing quickly and degenerating due to short life span. She is the first to have made due into adolescent years. Other Cyber Ascendants were normal humans compelled to undergo an operation, but Inshallah differs, by being a purebed Cyber Ascendant. This permits her to be completely controlled by the Ellida Institute or any individual who claims her. She was customized to be sterile, which means she can't get pregnant.
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MSL Admin
MSL Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Inshallah-666   Fri Mar 25, 2016 2:15 pm


Welcome to Dragon Fang as Admin-Assigned Guest Player

As Cyber Ascendant, assigned the skill:

Avoid any attack at any point in the battle
Use: 1/1

Additionally, can use all psychic weapons in battle

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