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 ASANO, Katsushiro

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PostSubject: ASANO, Katsushiro   Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:40 am

NAME: ASANO, Katsushiro
AGE: 11
HEIGHT: 4'10"
WEIGHT: 70 lbs

FACTION: Civilians

Katsushiro is a small-underweight asian boy with brown eyes, filled with spite, and poorly maintenanced hair. He wears the same clothing everyday, a dirty white shirt and tattered bluegreen denim shorts. For footwear he fashions his own feet, filthy and full of caluses.

Hidden behind his nest-like hair are several scars on his scalp, a result of brutality and abuse no doubt. His chest and back are also embedded with scars, bruises, and burns. His extremities were no different they were just as dirty and beat up as his torso and feet.

In general, Katsushiro appears as a  pennyless street child who is an evident victim of physical abuse. His poor hygene suggest that his scent is not pleasant to the nose, however he does take baths and washes his clothes once a week, this is about the only time his dreadful smell is lessened.

There are two sides to his personality one being rude, wreckless and wild. Katsushiro's lack of proper guidance has led him to learn and adapt in this vile world on his own in order to survive. He is literate, privately tutored by his adoptive parents in Australia.

On the other side, Katsushiro is a dreamer and a courageous boy. He hopes to one day lift himself up from his poor state and reunite with his parents who live in the stars. Despite being alone and afraid, he has never stopped striving to get back to his parents, however he is often foiled with bad circumstances.

Katsushiro was born as a spacenoid. His father was some man he never knew, a poitician, and his mother was young student, now a famous biologist, Natasha Starks. He was conceived out of wedlock making him and illegitimate child, a product of his father's lucrative affair with a 16 year-old teenage girl barely out of puberty. 

Originally the plans were to have Katsushiro aborted, but his mother had a change of heart the moment she placed the medicine into her mouth. Having chosen to fight for her unborn child, Katsushiro's mother severed ties with her lover, the politician, and nine months later out came Katsushiro into this world.

His birth name is Ethan John Starks, named after his grandfather. He also inherited his mother's surname because his biological father denied him of his.

3 years later the politician's wife dies, he begins to track down Katsushiro's mother hoping that he could rebuild their relationship and this time marry her. But he is met with misfortune, now 18, Katsushiro's mother is already in a relationship with another man. In his mad desire to possess her, the politician had Katsushiro kidnapped and scriptingly save him from the kidnappers. But his plan backfired when the kidnappers held Katsushiro for ransom, for a bigger payout, and then blackmailed the politician that they will expose the truth if not paid a large sum. Katsushiro's father unwillingly pays the kidnappers the amount inorder to keep their mouths shut. He then abandons all attempts to claim Katsushiro and her mother.

Katsushiro's mother was devastated with the loss of her son. She agreed to settle the ransom but fate got in the way of her reunion with her child. A split second decision made by one of the bandits who kidnapped Katsushiro led him to where he is now.

In order to make even more money, the kidnappers took the ransom money but didn't return Katsushiro to his mother. Instead, they ran off and sold him an elderly couple in Austrailia which was on Earth, for a hefty price.

Katsushiro was still very fortunate at this point, the couple who purchased him were not bad people. Sure they were strict and difficult most of the time, but they didn't mistreat or abuse Katsuhiro in anyway. 

Kenji Asano, a retired Japanese engineer, and Christine Jospehine Pike Asano, a retired nurse, became Katsushiro's new parents. They were a subtle and kind pair, but was unfortunate in terms of being able to conceive a child of their own. They raised him and gave him the name Katsushiro Asano. He stayed with them for almost 5 years all the while he dreamt of being reunited with his real mother; until a tragic car accident led to the death of both his foster parents.

On an ordinary sunny day, the family Asano were on their way home from the mall when an 18 wheeler truck slammed head on to their SUV after it lost it's brakes. Both Kenji and Christine were killed and only the 8 year old Katsushiro survived.

In a world that was over populated and at war, no one spared any sympathy for the homeless and those who were starving. When Katsushiro returned to the apartment they were staying in was already occupied by another family. The landlord sold all their belongings for his own benefit and Katsushiro was forced to live in a foster home, where he stayed for 3 months before fleeing. During his stay in the foster home, he suffered both physical and metal abuse at the hands of the witches whom managed the institution.

3 years have passed and Katsushiro has been surviving on the streets on his own. Often he has resorted to many criminal actions like theft and burglary in order to survive. He still aspires to one day return to the stars and be reunited with his real mother, despite not being able to remember her name and what she looks like.

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PostSubject: Re: ASANO, Katsushiro   Wed Mar 16, 2016 12:02 pm


Welcome, Civilian

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ASANO, Katsushiro
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