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 Gaillo Nightingale

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PostSubject: Gaillo Nightingale   Fri Feb 12, 2016 6:38 am

NAME: Rufous "Gaillo" Nighitngale Jr.
AGE: 25

WEIGHT: 190lbs

FACTION:  Dragon Fang

APPEARANCE: Shoulder Length Blonde Hair, usually wearing a form of red whether in clothes or in blood. Frequently carries around a set of claws. Keeps his hands wrapped as if expecting a brawl, wears a studded belt and another belt over it which he uses to hold the dog tags of the soldiers he has killed in battle. Has a Tattoo on his neck that goes down to his chest and down his back and a  set on each arm.

PERSONALITY / TRAITS: Rude, Sarcastic, and Crass. Lustful and demented but far from serious, he runs a loose ship and as long as noone gets in his way or rubs him the wrong way he generally allows them to do as they wish. Bisexual and cares more about attitude than looks, though looks can help. A bit obsessed with claws and pincers, which is why he can't help but love his Kiba.

Though born Rufous Nightingale JR, he changed his name once he was able to legally do so to Giallo Nightingale. He felt a sharp sense of abandonment after his mother died and his father became more reclusive, he went into depression, he started to crave forms of control in his life to ease his abandonment issues, he started to be more controlling in his life and in his relationships. He modeled for company adverts as well as other products taking advantage of his good looks and position to gain fame which he would then use to lure in "toys" for him to play with. Once he used up or broke these groupies he would often toss them aside, alot of times leaving his own special marking upon them. While his actions were quite reprehensible, because of his status in the colony and his influence he was more often than not beyond reproach. He chose the name Giallo as it referenced a genre of Slasher films and played a bit to one of his favorite activities which involved the use of custom made claws he had created that he uses for both defensive purposes and in his sexual life. He is crass, rude, sadistic, and a stain upon the family's good name. Before he devoted himself to this life of sin he was a gifted student and had learned to pilot from his Brother. In an attempt to distance him from the more reputable parts of the company but still keep an eye on him, his Father offered him a team in Dragon Fang that would report to his brother. This is the now infamous Fang Team Zero which are known for their high percentage of success but also for the more violent methods used to achieve them. They are often called the Dragon Fang's "Wrecking Crew".

As leader of his own team he sought out those from the existing and applying members of Dragon Fang and recruited them to join him. Many declined which is why despite his sadistic tendencies he treats those who did join up almost like family, but with how he is with his own family, is that a good thing?

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PostSubject: Re: Gaillo Nightingale   Fri Feb 12, 2016 5:14 pm


Welcome to Dragon Fang 

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Gaillo Nightingale
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