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Battle System Mechanics

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Battle System Mechanics

Post by Lalionus on Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:49 am

Here is the explanation for the battle system. This will be discussed in steps:


Before the battle starts, a map will be shown indicating the coordinates of the players. The participants will then have to pick one of those locations as a starting point.

For Example: "A chooses D-1 as starting point." The player will now start at a box that corresponds where D and 1 meet. This will continue until all participants have chosen a starting point.

Participants will then have to post their mobile suit stats.

The Admin will then usually roll the TURN DICE to see which team starts first.


Moving depends on your mobile suit's MOVE stat. If you want to transfer to another block, it must be within your mobile suit's move range. For example... you may move to D-3 from D-1 if you can move three or more spaces. After moving, a mobile suit may cast a card to enhance its attack, or attack directly as long as an opponent is within range.


You can attack only once every Player turn. Most likely, your turn ends when you attack.


  • Choosing the appropriate attack is essential to your success. 

    First off you must choose an attack that can reach your opponent.

    Check the attack's EN cost. Does your suit have enough EN to do the attack.

    Hit %. Some attacks have a higher Hit% than others. Melee attacks for example have higher Hit% compared to ranged weapons.

    USE THE APPROPRIATE DICE for every attack.

    Check the Range: For example, if your opponent is at D2, and you are at D1, you cannot hit him with an attack with "2-3, etc" as range. You must move back one step or whatever distance is required if you want to use a ranged weapon. You may attack from any direction, vertically, horizontally or diagonally as long as target is within your minimum and maximum range.

    Don't forget to include in your post the attack used, include EN consumption, and your target.

    Defending units can not counterattack. They may either block it or take the damage when hit.

    If a player decides to counterattack, the damage that will result from that is no longer blockable or defendable. Meaning it is possible to play safe by counterattacking. But if you choose to counter, you cannot defend in any way.

    CRITICAL attacks will deal double the damage. They can still be blocked. 


-TURNS are individual actions of players.
-PHASES are the collective action of a group of players

After all players of a certain team have finished attacking or moving, the party leader may declare "PHASE END" which means that the other team may now start to move or attack while the previous team is now on the defensive.

-If you're attacked by an enemy, and the result is a hit or a critical, you may defend if you have a shield or any barrier. These run out, and if it reaches 0 it means your mobile suit's defense is already gone/ destroyed. See your mobile suit for the different types of defense that you may employ. Not that some units don't have defensive abilities at all.

-A battle may end with the defeat of all members, or a party leader if that is an agreement. It may also end in a draw.

Instances of Draws
-There is an equal number of remaining players on both sides
-All players have run out of EN
-Opposing sides have agreed to stop the battle
-A battle was interrupted by an outside force (power failure, stoppage of an NPC character, etc)

-Some units cannot be deployed in various terrain (Guntanks in aerial battles for example, or a ground type Zaku in space)
-Water will reduce beam weapons damage by 50%. Firing from underwater, or firing into the water will have that effect of beam weapons.
-Some stages will have interactive parts.
-Type of movement must be indicated (air, ground, space, or water)

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