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 Volker Eginhardt Faust

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PostSubject: Volker Eginhardt Faust   Tue Feb 09, 2016 10:45 am

Volker Eginhardt Faust
"Talk shit, Get hit."

Name: Volker Eginhardt Faust
Rank: Ensign
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height: 5Ē8 ft
Weight: 148 lbs

Faction: Azure Earth Orginization

>>>Appearance: The first thing people often notice is Volkerís seafoam green hair and his emerald eyes. He is considered to be quite handsome, albeit in a rather effeminate sort of way. His eyes are narrow and sharp, his brow expressive yet refined. Volker takes great pride in his looks and puts a lot of effort into maintaining appearances.

Volkerís body is dense with lean muscle, and he is of a fairly average height. In contrast to his build, his skin remains smooth and pale. His hands arenít even callused despite his rigorous training regime, not to mention the time he spends in the cockpit. Volker is the type of person who wakes up looking better than most people do under a ton of make up. He is beautiful and he knows this, which makes him a bit of an asshole.

>>>Personality / Traits: At first glance, Volker isnít the most intimidating person, but he more than makes up for it with cunning and sass. A bit of a know it all, Volker often likes to think he is the smartest person in whatever room he is in, and even if he is not he will still act like it. Respect is very important to Volker, as is his reputation. He will go to great lengths to maintain his integrity and absolutely hates to lose face. Disrespect or embarrassing him is a quick way to make Volker your enemy.

For all his flaws, Volker is a professional. His years of training and military service have made him strict and disciplined. One might even go so far as to say that there are two halves to Volkerís persona; the soldier, and the spoiled child.
While in his personal life, Volker may seem snobbish and even arrogant. But when Volker is on duty, he becomes a force of nature. He is able to set his emotions aside and carry out orders regardless of his feelings. Heíll even work with people he hates. Some say that his ability to compartmentalize emotions is borderline sociopathic, but rest assured his emotions run deep. Just because he might put up with someone he dislikes during a mission, doesnít mean he wonít find a way to mess with them afterwards. Volker loves to tease and play pranks.

Years in boarding school have left Volker with a very thick skin. He is not typically quick to anger, preferring to counter animosity with snide remarks and sarcasm. However there are a few things that will set him off, turning him into a little green ball of rage. Again, disrespect or make a fool of Volker and he will resent you. Insult his mother or his cooking though, and he will fight you. And he WILL fight dirty. Tooth and nail.

Despite his flaws, Volkerís most redeeming quality is his loyalty. If you can stand to be around him long enough to befriend him, well then youíve made a friend for life. Volker will go to impossible lengths for the people he cares for, though he may complain or be sarcastic, deep down he has a good heart. That said, Volker sense of morality is very personal. To him, there are the things he cares aboutÖ and then there is everything else. His principles and concept of what is right and wrong are entirely selfish. Furthermore, Volker has an unnatural capacity for cruelty to those who betray his loyalty. Break Volkerís trust, and he will never forgive you.
His favourite food is authentic Austrian Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel) served with vanilla bean ice cream from Denmark.

>>>History: Volker was born in Munich, Germany during the winter of LC 193. He is the youngest in his family with two sisters and one brother who is the eldest. The Fausts are an affluent German family with a long and proud military heritage. Nearly everyone in Volkerís family serves or has served in some branch of armed forces, with the exception of Volkerís mother who is a medical doctor. Volker was very much a mommaís boy. With such a family legacy to maintain, Volker never really had much choice in what he was to do with his life. He was meant to be a soldier from birth whether he wanted to or not.

While Volker may often brag about his familyís pedigree, he wasnít always so proud of his heritage. Volker was a rebellious youth and constantly fought with his father. He hated how much his fatherís military career kept him from family, and so by extension he hated the military. When he was young, Volker sought to reject his familyís tradition of military service and become a doctor. His father, an old fashion who didnít really know how to deal with emotion met Volkerís rebellious behavior with violence. Volker has a few scars on his back where his father lashed him with his belt. To keep the peace and to protect Volker, Volkerís mother convinced his father to ship him off to boarding school in Vienna, Austria. He was 13 at the time.

The school Volker attended specialized in preparing young men for military service. Aside from his regular schoolwork, Volker was made to enroll in special extracurricular classes to learn everything he would need to know as a soldier. Basic survival training, how to fire, clean, and maintain a sidearm, military strategy and theory, and even cooking classes (which were by far his favourite). Volker claims that his formative years at boarding school helped to make him the spectacular soldier he is today, but at the time Volker felt as though his life was a living hell.

During his first years at school, Volker was teased relentlessly for his height. In his youth, Volker was a bit of a runt. One day he snapped and tried to gouge out a boyís eye with a dessert fork. He would probably have been expelled if the boy had reported him. The first rule of boarding school: snitches get stitches. Volkerís peers learned to avoid the subject of his height all together, but every now and then some new kids would make the same mistake and would have to be put in his place. Volker got into more than his fair share of fist fights as a kid. It was in school that Volker learned the importance of respect.

As Volker endured his adolescence and started going through puberty, it soon became clear that Volker was very unique. As the other boys spouted acne, awkward facial hair, and squeaky voices, Volkerís youthful looks only grew more refined. Unfortunately, the boarding school was a boys-only institution. However, that is not to say that Volker didnít charm the hearts and piqued the curiosities of his male peers. The second rule of boarding school: what happens at boarding school, stays at boarding school.

After a few years away from home and assurances from his teachers, Volker was invited back home for the holidays by his father. Volker still hated his father, but had since learned to treat with respect. He didnít respect his father, but he respected the fear that he had instilled within him. Volker tried to please his father, even if it was only to avoid his beatings. Volker would then frequently leave school to join the family at social functions and parties. He was a Faust afterall, and it wouldnít do for him to be shut away from high society. Volker would rub shoulders with the most elite families in the AEO. The Rosenbergs, The Dervals, hell, he even attended a fundraising event held by Jin Murakai. If you were important or at least belonged to a powerful family, Volker would make sure he knew your name, and you knew his.

Upon graduating school Volker was accepted into Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg, Germanyís most prestigious federal military academy. He completed a Bachelorís degree in aeronautics in just three years and at the age of 21 he joined the the German Airforce, Das Luftwaffe.

He would spend the next two years as a pilot, flying mostly reconnaissance jets and UAV drones. Every now and then however, Volker was able to participate in training drills piloting retired AEO-65 Cirrus units. Volker seemed to have a knack for piloting mobile suits, but he also really enjoyed it. After spending all his life being made fun of for his height, it was incredibly empowering and thrilling to be piloting a 60 foot tall metal giant. With a personal recommendation from his commander, and some influence from his grandfather, Volker was recruited into the mobile suit regiment of the united forces of the A.E.O. shortly before his 23rd birthday. Volker is rather pleased with his new position with the A.E.O. and performed exceptionally well during training. Volker has heard rumours that he, along with two other rookie pilots, have been chosen for a secret special assignment. Volker waits with baited breath for yet another chance to prove himself.
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Volker Eginhardt Faust
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