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 Lucian Aedan Cendrillion

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PostSubject: Lucian Aedan Cendrillion   Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:18 pm

Lucian in his AEO Academy Uniform

"My worth is measured by how many enemies I kill"

Name: Lucian Aedan Cendrillion
Rank: Ensign
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5" ft (167.64 cm)
Weight: 148 lbs (67.13 kg)

Faction: Azure Earth Organization

Appearance: With medium neck length unkempt Silver grayish hair that seemed like beautiful stained snow and silver eyes that seem to be colored mauve in some light or hue that seems to be weary and tell a deep story beneath, Lucian's features usually make him stand-out even though his height is only 5'5" which is only average or below average depending on either earth or colony standards. The expression on his face is usually melancholic and dead-pan or at times scowling, but one will seem to have a hard time differentiating his deadpan and scowling expressions as he seems most of the time silently irritable. His body used to have a lot of scars and burns due to the bombing incident that happened when he was 9, but through the help of his benefactor he was healed however he had requested that some minor scars remain as reminder of that fateful day. Thanks to rigorous military training though not fully muscular, Lucian has a well toned and balanced body for his build making him agile and easy to move about tight-knit places without so much as a sound, making him a perfect candidate for infiltrations and should there be a need, assassinations.

Lucian likes to wear his uniform as formally as he could even during his cadet days he made sure his uniform was up to par, as his father used to be an AEO Pilot and told him that uniforms are a sign of a soldier's character. He however at times loosens the collar or unbuttons the first few buttons of his uniform if he finds it uncomfortable or warm at times, he does this only when he there are few people or no people to pry on him. He also carries a USP. 45 with laser and light module always on his person holstered on his right side, as part of his habits as former SAS member and a lion shaped necklace on his neck.

Personality / Traits: Lucian is described by his benefactor as a person who is passionate, intense and caring while he is also at the same time, mostly calm, analytical and intelligent. Though contradicting it is because Lucian originally was a person who was fiery as his name sake and wanted to impress his parents and older brother, whom he looked up to and at the same time envied as he thought his older brother was always over-shadowing him. His fiery characteristic and cheerful demeanor would then take a turn for the worse after losing his family to bombings and his brother whom he admired so much abandoning them to their fates. He became vengeful and distrusting of the people, even those who saved him and viewed everyone as enemies. It wasn't until a certain Brigadier General would appear and offer to be his benefactor in the military so he could have his answers and revenge, that he did calm down. The military training would make Lucian the soldier he is today and spending time with fellow cadets would make him regain some of his lost warm demeanor.

Hence, his current mixed personality of warm and cold. His heart wants to do/say another thing. But his rational mind and trust in logic prevents it. Most of the time this precocious balance proves to his advantage, however there are a few instances it actually hampers him or proves disadvantageous, such as trying to keep this balance while keeping his hate repressed had turned him into a Dysthymic. Thinking that it was his training that has "helped" him. He is still able to react normally, but not really sincerelyThough  his vengeful and brooding tendencies have lessened or are near to non-existent. It is thanks to his military training that he is able to balance his personal vendetta and his duty as a soldier and allow him to rein in his unbridled fury and deep hatred, keep it pent up and direct it somewhere else. Should push come to shove however and should Lucian lose it. His repressed emotions and fury will be unyielding and a decade worth of hatred would be due to resurface.

Despite Lucian keeping most of his thoughts and emotions pent up;He is a sore loser. Whenever he loses whether it be trainings or platoon rankings, he doesn't like to lose and would even go as far as to train late at night to improve or raise his rankings further while pretending to be calm about it and should he be beaten again--He would keep training and improving until no one can reach him. It could also apply to his "no team mate to be lost" mentality, he will go to great lengths to keep his team safe as he doesn't want to lose any of his team mates may it even be training exercises with paintballs or simulation. A kindness he hides and doesn't want people to know as he views it as a weakness. Lucian can also get annoyed should people call him Aedan without his proper consent, as Aedan was only reserved for those who he deemed close to him or for his relatives.

History: Born on July 1, 197 to an AEO Pilot and Bridge Ship Attendant, Nine full years before the AEO bombing by its enemies. Lucian was considered a blessing as his mother's pregnancy with him was unexpected and he was almost miscarried twice, during the time his mother was pregnant with him. After he was born he was named Lucian Aedan which meant "Light" and "from the fire" pertaining to the "fire" which was the trial of his birth and how he was a second light after he was born. Though their family was of middle class, his father made sure their family wasn't wanting. He grew up regaled with stories by his father's adventures as mobile suit pilot, and with that he viewed the AEO in high regard and was proud of his brother knowing that he was an AEO Cadet. He would try and grab his older brother's attention by pestering him to play video games with him, or read him AEO Military books even though he had a hard time understanding them. Life was perpetually bliss for the young Lucian.

However not all of it was meant to last. July 5, 4 days after his birthday. Isshin Yaho was assassinated during a live broadcast. While out shopping for his Birthday gift unaware of the incident,Lucian's father had to make a quick stop to the AEO base with him and his mother on the car, When the bombs dropped. In panic, Lucian ran out of the car, hoping to see his brother in the AEO base, believing that his father and brother would save them from the attack. While running towards the base his father saw him and chased him as his mother did and then a bomb went off again. Lucian was sent tumbling towards the wall and buried under rubble. In his last conscious moment, he saw his parents sprawled and bloody on the floor, he cried until he lost consciousness and it was because of his cries that he was saved by evacuating AEO soldiers.

Waking up in the hospital he was bandaged all over and he rejected treatments and would bite both doctors and soldiers in resistance. Lucian hated himself for what happened, and was confused as to why it happened, and why his brother didn't go and fight the bad guys. It wasn't until a certain brigadier general came to his ward and explained things, albeit in a withdrawn manner and offered him a chance to learn the truth and exact his revenge on the enemy. First reluctant about the offer, he soon accepted and was immediately trained slowly but surely in the military ways and was then prescribed medication so he can deal with the training and his trauma both at the same time. He shifted between the AEO America and the AEO Germany bases for his training, and was occasionally around Lagrange 2 group of colonies for zero-gravity and mobile suit training. When he was fourteen, he was inducted into Group D of the SAS, he could've gotten into a higher group if he had not poor swimming capabilities. But that didn't stop him from training his skills further and by the age of 18; He was already in Group B, when he was called by his benefactor to join the mobile suit corps instead of focusing on just being a ground troop. At first he relented, until he was told it would offer him more privilege and freedom to do what he needed to.

With that in mind, Lucian entered a mobile suit exam selection test for the SAS members of AEO and passed. He was directed to head to Hagedorn base for further instructions and details regarding his new duties as an AEO Pilot.

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PostSubject: Re: Lucian Aedan Cendrillion   Sat Feb 13, 2016 11:54 pm


Welcome to the Azure Earth Organization. 

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Lucian Aedan Cendrillion
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