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 Otsdarva Kugel

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PostSubject: Otsdarva Kugel   Thu Feb 04, 2016 4:59 pm

NAME: Otsdarva Kugel
AGE: 37
HEIGHT: 5'4" (post spinal operation)

FACTION: Dragon Fangs

* Otsdarva Kugel is a man roughened up by several years of mercenary life. His escapades have taken their toll on his body, and as a result of those events, he has cybernetic parts installed in him. For example, his left arm and his left leg are now artificial. He has also some metal implants in his spine as a result of an accident that nearly paralyzed him. Due to these prosthetics, he is described to have a robotic gait. He has a squarish jaw, red hair, and blue eyes. 

Even though he is not tall by military standards, Otsdarva isn't bothered by it. He was actually 5'6", but because some of his spine was removed, he became a bit shorter. His robot parts have actually made him stronger and more resilient to G-forces and gravity. Thanks to his artificial limbs, he does not struggle much when his mobile suits accelerate too fast. 

*Dragon Fangs people are some of the hardest-working folks out there, and Otsdarva takes the cake. In a world where mercenaries get what they worked for, Otsdarva works round the clock. He says that it's his way of reminding him that he is still alive. When he's not hauling in equipment, he is at the docks tuning up mobile suits. He also offers free boxing lessons to his pals, but his punches often hurt them badly. 

*Prior to working for Dragon Fangs, Otsdarva was a smuggler and a paid assassin. He worked on many countries all over the world, primarily in Asia where he has done some dirty work for the crime lords of Bangkok and Singapore. When his work wasn't paying him well enough, he moved to space. 

Unknown to him, he was trailed by some Singaporean mafia members, who didn't want him to leave. There was a skirmish, and Otsdarva deployed in a mobile suit to face them. He was able to kill them all, but he also got critically injured. He had to haul his ass off to a nearby colony, and crawled to a hospital where his life was saved.

That event didn't stop him from seeking fame and adventure. Later on he became involved with a space mafioso who sent out spies to attack him. Fighting once more in a mobile suit, Otsdarva was sorely defeated and his back was crushed. He was able to recover after a year, and then, he met Dragon Fang's representatives. The rest is history.
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PostSubject: Re: Otsdarva Kugel   Fri Feb 12, 2016 2:00 am


Welcome to Dragon Fang

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Otsdarva Kugel
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